9 Shoe Trends to Take Note of This Winter ...

Winter shoe trends for this year vary from the extremely casual to the overly opulent. Whether you’re working a cool sports luxe look with a pair of fashionable sneakers or trying your hand at couture glam with metallic heels, there’s a winter shoe trend to suit all occasions. Embellishment and texture play a huge role in shoe trends this winter so keep an eye out for shoes with interesting finishes. Check out the following stylish shoe trends for winter.

1. Metallics

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Many winter shoe trends take their cue from popular clothing trends. Take metallics, for example. Right now, anything metallic will give your outfit an instant style boost. When looking at shoes, it could be a metallic toe cap, heel, or all over metallic finish. The best part about this shoe trend is that it can work with all styles of shoes, so you can pick one that suits you best!

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