7 Shoes Every Girl Needs in Her Closet ...

As a girl, it is way too easy to go overboard with buying too many shoes. All too often, I buy a pair that looks fabulous on display, come home, and find that I have nothing to wear them with. Shoes can make or break any outfit, so I have complied a list of shoes that every girl needs in her wardrobe. If you have these necessary pairs in your closet, you will be able to put you best foot forward in any situation.

1. A Practical Pump

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Price: $89.95 stevemadden.com
A practical pump is like the Swiss Army knife of your shoe collection. It can be formal, casual, and everything in between. You can wear it to interviews, to work, to a party, or to go shopping with the girls. Try these basic Steve Madden pumps in nude or black for a clean chic look. They will go with any outfit in your closet and will immediately make you feel incredibly fabulous.

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