Signs Your Shoes Don't Fit ...


Signs Your Shoes Don't Fit ...
Signs Your Shoes Don't Fit ...

There are several signs your shoes don't fit. You might not think it, but the process of buying and wearing shoes that actually fit your feet properly can be much trickier than you might think! You might think that you are a size five, for example, but that does not always translate for every single shoe company and brand out there. The only way to truly know if your shoes are fitting you properly and being kind to your feet is to recognise lots of the signs that something isn’t right. Here are some of the most classic signs your shoes don't fit.

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Breaking Them in

If your shoes fit you perfectly, then there is no such thing as a breaking in period. This is just a term that people use when they have bought shoes that are too small or too tight for them, and they are hoping that repeated use will stretch them out. You may very well succeed in doing so, but it still doesn’t mean that you have been wearing the correct size to begin with. Needing to break them in is one of the most glaring signs your shoes don't fit.


Loose Straps or Buckles

Shoes that are too loose are just as bad as one that are too tight, and this also concerns straps and buckles. You should be able to get about one finger between your skin and any strap, but also it shouldn't be looser than that because you will end up having problems with grip and might change your stance or posture to try to keep your shoes on your feet.


Crammed Toes

Some women just have wider feet than others, so if you wear heels where your toes are crammed into a tight point, then this is going to cause some long-term damage after prolonged wear. You might want to think about going up a size so that your toes aren’t being forced to go right to the tip of the shoe.



Don’t mistake the feeling of a shoe being tight around your foot with a shoe fitting, because it isn’t the same thing. A shoe should be comfortably snug rather than overly tight, with the only place that you should feel any tightness being at the point where you tie your own laces. If your feet feel restricted at all, then you might start to experience problems with blood flow.



Your feet should also not feel too loose in your shoes, because looseness will very often lead to friction and blisters that can cause a lot of unnecessary pain. If a person wears shoes that are too big for them, then they will start to adjust the way that they walk to stop them from coming off or from moving around too much, and this can put extra stress on your toes because you will end up driving your feet forward to keep your shoes in place with every single step.

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