7 Sparkling New Year's Eve Shoes ...

Sparkling shoes to remember will really get that New Year's Eve party started! Whether you’re meeting your beau or attending a friend’s big bash, you’ll want to dress to impress. And that means a healthy dose of glitter to glam up your little black dress! With a pair of these 7 sparkling shoes on your feet, you can expect a kiss come midnight. Just don't forget to kick up your heels as you lean in for that smooch.

1. Diamond Princess Platform Pump

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For a mere $50 at Charlotte Russe, these sparkling shoes can be yours. Who said you had to break the bank to look like a fairytale princess? The iridescent rhinestones would make Cinderella jealous –and you don’t have to bolt when the clock strikes 12, you lucky lady! I’d pair these with leather skinny jeans and a fitted top to really dazzle β€˜em.

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