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It seems as though spring 2014 shoe trends are larger than life. If I could use one word to describe the trends overall, it would be ostentatious. For those who like to be a little flamboyant, spring 2014 shoe trends are absolute winners. It was difficult choosing between them all, but the following are seven of my favorites.

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Chinese Laundry Kristin Cavallari Lacee

Chinese Laundry Kristin Cavallari Lacee Lace ups are huge on the spring 2014 shoe trends scene. Most of the biggest designs on the catwalks featured chunky heels. However, I am a fan of the thinner heels on this. I've always felt a little clumsy in chunkier versions.


Michael Kors Wesley Boot

Michael Kors Wesley Boot The whole Gladiator sandal thing is back. I never tried out having knee high gladiators when they were all the rage a few years ago. I tan really easily, so I am worried about odd tan lines. However, I think a pair like these from Michael Kors could be great for a night out. They present a great opportunity to go all glam rock.


MIA Beverlee Black Vegan

MIA Beverlee Black Vegan Ankle cuff heels are back too! Doesn't everybody just love having a little extra security when their heels are towering? I think ankle cuff heels also look a little '50 Shades of Grey'. With the movie due to hit sometime soon (Doesn't it feel like FOREVER since they were umming and ahhing over the characters?) that can only be a good thing!


Michael Kors Boerum Platform Sneakers

Michael Kors Boerum Platform Sneakers Shoe style has once again taken a turn for the nineties by pushing platform sneakers in our faces. Remember the Spice Girls? They LOVED their platform sneakers. Fortunately, the 10s versions are a little less catastrophic. Understated height almost makes these socially acceptable!


Ivanka Trump Carra3 Blue Stripe

Ivanka Trump Carra3 Blue Stripe Bright pumps are also huge! I know these ones come with pretty intimidating heels, but there is no reason why you cannot aim for a flat pair too. I am rarely a daytime heel wearer, so I like the option of using bright flat pumps to jazz up my outfit. As I am a big fan of black most of the time, this is a great lazy way to inject color into my usual outfits.


Marc Jacobs Metallic Oxfords

Marc Jacobs Metallic Oxfords Now here's a trend for those of you who are brave. I don't know why, but I have never been able to look at Oxford shoes without thinking of my old (male) school teachers. As I can't get past that, I don't wear them. I do, however, adore the idea of a brave lady out there wearing a shining pair like these. If I see one of you walking about in them, I'll be dancing inside with happiness. An open congrats on your shoes would be just weird...


Athena Alexander Jayde Navy Safari

Athena Alexander Jayde Navy Safari I can't imagine wearing these on an actual safari, but I do adore the name! Platform sandals do feature chunky heels, but they are the types of chunky heels I can get behind. I have similar pairs to this from years gone by, which means I don't need to worry about buying more. What a win!

I am loving the whole nineties throwback theme that has emerged this spring! It seems as though there is a lot of emphasis on heels right now. While I am more of a flats person by day, I love heels at night. If you have spotted some spring 2014 trends you love, please share them with us!

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Nahhh they're so ugly !

Ankle cuff heels are cool, but the cuff "cuts you off", making your legs look shorter and stubby.. they kill that long legs look!

In love with 1 and 3! The rest are eh for me

In love with 3 4 5 6 thats it

Kristin cavalri and Michael kors

Wow just awesome!

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