31 Stunning Shoes by Milly J, Designer Extraordinaire ...

You may not have seen or heard of shoes by Milly J, but after seeing her wonderful creations here, you’’ll be wondering why. Milly J is a British shoe designer (and now sculpture artist) who makes the most incredible creations for feet. Her range includes ready to wear, haute couture and custom/made to order. Shoes by Milly J have been described as "Art to Walk In" and "Walking Art" and here's why:

1. Dali

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There are many inspirations for the shoes by Milly J. High Heels are her fortΓ© but she works in all shoe styles. This pair is an homage to the surrealist painter Salvadore Dali. You can't really see from this angle but the front is embellished by Dali's signature mustache.
Couture collection - Price on request

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