7 Styles of Shoes from around the World ...

Culture is represented in many ways from, language to dress to shoes from around the world. We can learn lots about an area by paying respectful attention to the people, the culture, the language, style of dress, and most importantly, by engaging each people in conversation. Traveling provides us with great opportunities to expand our knowledge and appreciation for the world around us. If that introductory knowledge begins with a brief perusal of shoes from around the world then great! Shoes are just an option to help you get started. Here is a little list of seven types of shoes from around the world.

1. North America - Moccasins

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Shoes from around the world have many differences as well as similarities and the United States especially. North America is home to a variety of cultures of the hundreds of American Indian tribes. Many tribes have intricate beadwork sewn onto animal hide. This beautiful beadwork is indicative of tribe and identity, point of pride, and hard work. Some moccasins are low top while others have leggings, and others still have no beadwork at all. All are different and wonderfully beautiful.

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