7 Stylish House Slippers ...

House Slippers aren’t the first things to come to mind when you think of fashion. And for something that’s only going to be worn around the house, they don’t really have to be fashionable. But if you want to inject some glamour into the every day, a pair of stylish house slippers might be just what you need. While some styles of slippers should only be worn around the house, there are also a few here that can work as stylish everyday shoes. Take a look at a few such house slippers below.

1. ASOS Lace Slippers

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Price: $64.03 at asos.com
These lace slippers can be worn around the house or outdoors. They have a classic slipper shape and have delicate sheer lace panels at the sides. They also have contrasting grosgrain binding to the outer edges. These slippers are too good to solely be worn indoors, so team them with some cigarette-style pants, a collared blouse, and framed handbag for a chic everyday look.

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