7 Stylish Low Heel Booties That Are Perfect for Fall ...

One of my favorite things about fall is boots, especially low heel booties! They are totally in style right now and there is an abundance of lovely styles and colors and prices. You can dress them up or down depending on the style, and because of the low heel, they can be an everyday bootie. Since I recently purchased a fabulous pair myself, I thought I would share 7 stylish low heel booties that I came across during my search. Perhaps one of these will end up in your closet!

1. Flokarl Aldo Bootie in Bordeaux

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These are the low heel booties that I recently fell in love with and ended up ordering. I can't wait to receive these beauties in the mail! I wanted a pair in burgundy/Bordeaux because of how rich the color is, especially for fall! The calf hair detailing also makes for a nice change in texture. It's a simple, yet beautiful bootie.

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