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7 Stylish Tips on How to Wear Metallic Shoes ...

By Sophia

When it comes to how to wear metallic shoes this season, you’re spoilt for choice. The metallic trend is as popular as ever and footwear is one of the easiest ways to introduce the trend into your outfit. From strappy heeled sandals to more menswear inspired brogues, metallic shoes can be found to suit all styles. Check out the following tips on how to wear your metallic shoes to make the most of this trend.

1 Colour Coordination

Colour CoordinationThere several ways to go when it comes to metallic colours. There are your traditional silver, bronze and gold finishes, and then there are your coloured metallics. Traditional metallic finishes can easily stand in the place of your regular neutral shoes, whereas coloured metallics are best worn with a toned down or complementary colour palette.

2 Find the Right Finish

Find the Right FinishWhen looking at how to wear metallic shoes, take the finish into consideration. Cracked or distressed metallic finishes can be a more toned down alternative to high polish, chrome-like finishes. If you’re feeling particularly frivolous, a sparkly sequined pair of heels is a stylish choice for right now.


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3 Stay Focused

Stay FocusedThe metallic trend can be quite overpowering, so start by keeping your metallic shoes the focal point of your outfit. As a general guideline, the more ‘metallic’ your shoes are, the simpler the rest of your outfit should be. For example, busy prints look great with slim, strappy shoes while heavy metallic heels are best worn with a more minimal outfit.

4 Daytime Duty

Daytime DutyWhile the whole idea of metallics is quite glamorous, you can easily make the look work for you during the day. Metallic ballet flats, loafers, or lace up shoes are all great options for day wear. When it comes to how to wear metallic shoes, make your heels work double time by teaming them with denim during the day.

5 Flirty Feminine

Flirty FeminineWhen looking at how to wear metallic shoes this season, channel your inner glamour girl and work a feminine angle. Team your metallic heels or flats with full skirts and girlish dresses for an on-trend, runway inspired look.

6 Menswear Inspired

Menswear InspiredIf flirty and feminine isn’t your thing, you can always take inspiration from the current menswear and tomboy inspired trends. You could either team a pair of metallic heels with boyish outfit of slouchy jeans or cuffed trousers, or choose a masculine style of shoe in a metallic finish.

7 Metallic Accents

Metallic AccentsIf a full metallic shoe is still too dramatic to consider, try picking up a style with metallic accents. When it comes to how to wear metallic shoes in this style, some of the more popular designs at the moment include shoes with metallic block heels or toe caps.

When it comes to how to wear your metallic shoes this season, there’s something for everybody. Strappy sandals and pumps are great for working a glamorous angle, but boots and loafers also satisfy those casual everyday needs. What’s your best tip for how to wear metallic shoes?

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