7 Stylish Types of Boots to Rock in Cooler Weather ...


7 Stylish Types of Boots to Rock in Cooler Weather ...
7 Stylish Types of Boots to Rock in Cooler Weather ...

Fall and winter are definitely the best seasons for all types of boots. There are so many different types of boots that work for different outings. I especially love that they are so versatile, and look super fashionable. There’s no reason to wear the same kind of boots every day when there are so many unique and cute types of boots that’ll match any outfit for any occasion. I have conveniently listed some of them here.

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Over the Knee Boots

Over the Knee Boots I love, love, love over the knee boots. They are warm, stylish, and totally on trend right now. They’re one of my favorite types of boots to wear in cooler weather. Or, when I’m wearing a short dress or skirt! It adds a glam factor to any outfit, which is great! There’s no way you could go wrong!


Lace up Boots

Lace up Boots Lace up boots are another type of boot that has permanent residency in my closet! I had a brown pair last season that I wore with everything! I admit, that I should’ve switched them out more than I did, but what can I say? I was in love! Anyway, lace up boots are great for down days, and help give an overall down to earth feel to any look. I love that! Plus, they’re really comfortable and match with just about any casual outfit.


Army/Combat Boots

Army/Combat Boots I am a huge fan of army/combat boots. They add a grungy, edgy feel to your look. Plus, like lace up boots, they can match most casual outfits. Combat boots are also awesome because they vary so differently in style. Some have lots of buckles, some have studs, some have spikes, and some have all three. Either way, I totally dig the look!



Booties Booties are great for nights out on the town. Like the other boots, they’re versatile. They can be worn with a dress, or with a nice pair of fitted jeans too. They are a little more dressy than combat or lace up boots, so you could definitely wear booties on a date!


Cowgirl Boots

Cowgirl Boots I own a pair of cowboy boots, and I will say, that they are definitely one of the most comfortable pairs of boots I’ve ever encountered. I like cowgirl boots because they add a country, laid back flare to your outfits. They look great is most colors too in my opinion. And, I love the unique stitching on the boots, it’s really unlike any other!



Moccasins I like moccasins because they have so much flavor. They look shaggy and wild, but they are actually pretty stylish. They are great for anyone who has a hippie, hipster or bohemian kind of style. Like the cowboy boots, they’re laid back, but they also look like a lot of fun! I have a red, high heeled pair, that I absolutely adore and wouldn’t trade for the world!


Leather Boots

Leather Boots I am really, really fond of leather. I own just about any article of clothing, and in this case, shoes in leather. Leather boots make you look instantly sexy; especially the higher the heel, and the higher up on the legs it rests. And, like most boots, it’s a versatile style. Leather boots can be lace up, have buckles, or have a glowing sheen. Very stylish!

There are many other types of boots that I left out, but I love them just the same. Ankle boots, knee high boots, uggs, riding boots, and Wellington boots rest in my list of favorites too! What are your favorite types of boots to wear in the cooler months?

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I agree with leather but only ever buy second hand as I\'m actually vegetarian and I have a pair of flat brown leather moccasins from steelers and I don\'t think I ever wear anything else they look amazing and are so comfy

Ankle boots because they are easier to drive with them on.

Leather ankle boots!

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