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Caring for suede leather sounds so complicated. People would rather not purchase a gorgeous item than risk getting all excited about it only to see it ruined a few weeks later. There’s bad weather to worry about, muddy stains, shiny oily spots…you name it. Does it mean we have to forgo all suede-related purchases? Not really! Take a look at some great tips on caring for suede leather that pretty much prove that the right info along with some good old fashioned TLC really can make a fashionista’s life easier.

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Brush Regularly

Proper caring for suede leather starts with a good brush and unless you happen to suffer a major wardrobe malfunction, this is one of a very few tools you’ll ever have to use. It helps remove dirt and dust, keeps the leather soft and fresh-looking and is a must-have in case you love this type of leather.


Suede Hates Water

Water and suede aren’t the best of pals which unfortunately means you can’t rely on baby wipes and there’s always water stains to worry about. In case you do manage to get your favorite suede item wet, you should pat it dry ever so lightly and try to brush out any remaining water stains only after they have dried completely.


Protect Your Items

Waterproofing your items saves quite a bit of trouble, although you should know that water-repellents can alter the color of light leathers and should be used carefully. In case you don’t want to waterproof, a simple suede care spray will do the trick, too! It keeps you covered in case of minor mishaps and isn’t as radical or expensive.


Leave It to a Pro

Scuffs, bald spots and color transfer are three major concerns when it comes to suede leather and, although you might be tempted to DIY it back to health, I’d suggest you leave this to a pro. A local cobbler should be able to buff suede back to its former glory without charging you an arm and a leg for it, while the help of a posh leather care specialist will cost considerably more but is a valid choice in case of major repairs.


Store Carefully

Supple as sin comes with a price – suede warps in humid and warm weather. Avoid this by choosing cool and dry storage for your belongings making sure they are either stuffed or hanged properly in order to prevent creasing.


Pencil Eraser Saves the Day

A white, clean pencil eraser might only cost pennies but what it does is just pure gold! Louis Vuitton fans use it for their vachetta bags all the time but it works just as great on light suede. Just rub it over the dry mark and watch it pick up that unsightly dirt! Magic, eh?


Suede Fades Easily

Brushing, conditioning and just loving and caring for your items will keep them looking so gorgeous you’ll want to keep them on display all the time. Resist the urge, though, because suede is quite sensitive to bright light. It will fade and I’m sure we don’t want that so it’s back to Tip #5 – store, store, store!

Do you have a favorite pair of suede shoes, a purse or maybe a jacket? If so, how do you keep them clean and scuff-free?

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