8 to-Die-for Pairs of Dr. Martens ...

Dr. Martens are one of my favorite footwear brands ever. I've had a pair of boots, a pair of wedge sandals, and a gorgeous pair of Mary Janes since I was in high school, Heather recently bought me the most delicious pair of pink patent leather boots in the world, and my mom surprised me with a likewise yummy pair of Mary Janes (because you can never have too many!). Although Docs are expensive, they're worth the expense. They last forever, only getting more comfortable and more stylish over time. While they were once evocative of goth and grunge culture, now there are shoes for every style – although those two trends are still beautifully represented. Check out these gorgeous pairs of Dr. Martens – in all styles and silhouettes – and tell me you wouldn't love a pair!

1. Ultra Feminine Flats

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Dr. Martens really aren't just about boots anymore. There are so many pairs of gorgeous, polished flats, ideal for days at the office, city shopping forays, or romantic dates with your darling. This is the Marie model, which comes in a variety of different colors. There are also velvet-brushed ballet flats, patterned pieces, and a variety of others. Head to 6pm to get these for just $44.99!

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