7 Trendy Oxblood Booties ...

If you have a penchant for cute shoes and of-the-moment trends, youโ€™ll swoon over these oxblood booties. Footwear is a fabulous way to make a style statement. And with 7 beautiful booties to choose from, itโ€™ll be easier than ever.

1. The Studded Wonder

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Theyโ€™re not exactly practical (or wallet friendly), but these Alexander McQueen booties are undeniably lust worthy. Their heart-shaped embellishments, gold studs, and sky high heels make the $1,435 price tag worth it. Unfortunately, Iโ€™d have to move back home with the โ€˜rents to afford them! But if you have lots of cash to blow, you can find these at Zappos Couture.

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