9 Trendy T-Bar Shoes a Fashionista Can't do without ...

T-Bar Shoes are a mainstay on the fashion scene. Itโ€™s a look that can be quite classically feminine. However, there are many different interpretations of the T-bar style of shoe. T-bar shoes usually take the form of classic pumps or ballet flats, but the T-bar design can also be found on a range of footwear such as sandals. Itโ€™s a design detail that is quite versatile, as youโ€™ll see from the gorgeous **T-bar shoes **below.

1. Chloe Embellished Suede T-bar Ballerina Flats

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Price: $595.00 at net-a-porter.com
These designer Chloe flats are all things dainty and feminine. They have a black suede main and feature a T-bar strap with crystal embellished bows. These shoes are definitely what youโ€™d call an investment pieces. Theyโ€™d look great paired with a ballet-inspired outfit of a flowing pleated skirt and crisp collared blouse.

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