7 Ways to Make Ankle Boots Work for You ...

Ways to make ankle boots work have always been one of those fashion-secrets I could never quite figure out. I mean how is it that they look so awesome on so many people but never on me? Know what I mean? Well, it actually turns out wearing ankle boots is something we can all do, as long as we find the right pair. It doesn’t matter if your legs are muscular, short or crooked like mine, or long and spindly – there are ways to make ankle boots work for you and these following tips will help you find The One for you:

1. Emphasize Those Skinny Ankles

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One of the ways to make ankle boots work for you even if you have muscular calves is to go for those classy, fitted boots that leave the ankle bare or end right at the ankle. The idea here is to show off the natural curve of your leg and your dainty little ankles as opposed to hiding all this inside a boxy boot and letting the biggest part of your calf steal the show.

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