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Bunions can be painful and unsightly but there are some ways to relieve bunions that will mean you won't have to suffer any longer. A bunion is an angular, bony swelling at side of the foot on the base of the big toe, which eventually pushes the toe under the second toe. Sometimes hardened skin or a callus covers this bump and there are many possible causes. Family history, rheumatoid arthritis and gout are a few conditions which are thought to cause bunions, but one of the main culprits is thought to be ill fitting shoes. There are many high profile celebrities who suffer from bunions and it makes wearing open-toed sandals something of a challenge. Hands up, ladies, if you're guilty of wearing those oh so pretty shoes that are a little on the painful side. I think most of us are guilty of this at some point in our lives. Here are some ways to relieve bunions.

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Lots of Room

One of the most obvious ways to relieve bunions is to wear shoes with plenty of toe room. If they're not shaped in a way which is foot friendly then don't try and 'shoe horn' your precious tootsies in some shoes which are just too small and narrow, no matter how much you adore them.


Bare Foot

Going bare foot will relieve the pressure on your big toe. You can buy specially designed shoes which help position the big toe properly. Speak to your doctor to see whether he or she advises purchasing any custom made shoes which will help relieve the pain.



You can also buy special bunion pads and dressings to protect your toes from the pressure of your shoes. Bunion pads can be bought from your pharmacy.


Ice Ice...Bunion

If the bunion is red and sore, elevate your foot and and place an ice pack, ice bag or compress on your toe. Put the ice on your toe for 20 minutes every hour or until it is less painful and less swollen. Never apply ice directly though.



It may be that you need a steroid injection and local anaesthetic to reduce the inflammation. Occasionally, an injection is given when the bunion is causing something known as bursitis, which is an inflammation of the sac-like joint covering known as the bursa.



Ask your doctor about orthotics. These are devices which act as aids in improving body mechanics. It may be that the doctor might be able to provide splints or digital orthotics to help reposition the big toe.


Call the Doc

If redness, heat, pain or severe swelling persist for two days, you see a break in the skin or feel feverish, then it is vital that you seek medical advice. Also, if you have certain medical conditions like diabetes or circulatory problems then it is essential to seek medical opinion about your bunion.

It will come as no surprise to learn that women are much more likely to suffer from bunions and it's because of those narrow-toed shoes. But as beautiful as those shoes you see in the store might be, is it really worth the pain and cost in trying to fix your feet? After all, we should really look after those things that take us to amazing places. Has anyone suffered from bunions? What did you do about them?

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