7 Ways to Wear Ankle Booties ...

If you’re tired of strutting around in the same old pumps, these tips on how to wear ankle booties will freshen up your style. Whether your look is rocker-chic or girly-sweet, any gal can wear a bootie well. With these 7 easy tips, you’ll learn how to wear ankle booties in no time!

1. Cute and Casual

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Knowing how to wear ankle booties isn’t just for girls who can’t get enough of tights and skirts! If you prefer jeans over dresses and v-necks over lace Peter Pan collars, go with a plain black pair of booties. Make sure the heel isn’t above 2.5 inches, remember, you want to keep it pain-free! I love my black suede Qupid booties, which I wear with everything from leggings to skinny jeans. Since they go with everything, they’re super easy to slip on before running out the door.

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