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7 Ways to Wear over-the-Knee Boots ...

By Diana

Unleash your edgy side by learning how to wear over-the-knee boots. From Tom Ford to Jimmy Choo, big name designers are putting their marks on one of the season’s hottest shoe trends. And what’s really fabulous about this style is that nearly any gal can pull ‘em off. With these 7 quick tips, you’ll soon be showing your besties how to wear over-the-knee boots.

1 Keep It Tame

Figuring out how to wear over-the-knee boots doesn’t have to include costly trials and errors. If you stick to a pattern or hue that matches at least several items you already own, you’ll get the most life out of your boots. Though your options are endless (I’ve spotted everything from snakeskin to neon brights on store shelves), limiting yourself is a good thing. My first pair of over-the-knee boots was black suede and had no heels. And guess what? I wore them for two winters straight and sure got my money’s worth!

2 Flirty is Fabulous

So, you’ve just scored your first pair of over-the-knee boots. What now? Throw your favorite mini skirt (or dress) on, of course! Thigh-high boots look smokin’ hot when coupled with tights and a mini. Just avoid going too short because a barely-there skirt can make your legs look bulky.

3 Casual is Chic

Take it from me: You don’t need to be a girly girl to rock the over-the-knee boot trend. If you favor leggings or skinny jeans over skirts and dresses, this one’s for you. Pair your skintight pants with your boots –just keep the legs tucked in and opt for darker washes. I love wearing my skinnies with heeled thigh-highs and a leather blazer –it’s perfect for a cold winter’s night.

4 Tailored is Trendy

Now’s the time to pull out those fitted blazers, because it’s one of the most stylish and on-trend pieces to wear with over-the-knee boots. Black heeled boots paired with a navy blazer are so Kate Middleton sleek! I’d throw in a Mulberry (or Mulberry-inspired) tote to complete the look.

5 Cleavage is a No-No

Keep your girls in check while rocking those boots! Since over-the-knee styles tend to be bold (especially if they’re heeled), you don’t want to show off too much on top. I always pair my boots with simple, sophisticated blouses or tunics. But feel free to don a chunky piece of jewelry, whether it’s a neon necklace or oversized pair of earrings.

6 Simple Silhouettes Work Best

Sure, over-the-knee boots can go with most ensembles –but not with everything in your wardrobe! Clean cuts and basics work best with high boots, so save your ruffles and lace for later. If I’m headed out to a bar or nightclub, I’ll wear them with a tunic, opaque black tights, and a leather jacket.

7 Mix Patterns and Neutrals

Sometimes, a girl needs to splurge on a standout pair of thigh-highs. But remember, these aren’t your typical ankle booties! You’ll need to be picky with your prints. For example, leopard print may look fierce on your flats, but tacky on your legs. Try before you buy, ladies!

These are 7 of my tried and true tips on how to wear over-the-knee boots. Which ones will you follow? Do you think you can pull off the trend? Do you have anything of your own to add to my list?

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