Why the Mid-heel is the Best Height out There ...


High heel shoes are the epitome of class and sophistication for some, and the very pillar of pain and discomfort for others. So what is the half way mark where you can still pull off the well-groomed look, but not have to suffer for it? The mid heel is the high heel shoe alternative for those who still want to hear the clickety-clack of heels on the ground, but who, for various reasons can’t wear them. Here is why mid-heel is the best heel height.

1. The Healthy Option

Research has documented proof that the regular wearing of sky-high stilettos is not very good for your spine or your posture at all. Some women may say that they stand straighter when wearing very high heels, and although it may feel like it – your spine is actually just making compensation for the unusual stance.

The kitten heel or the mid heel is much better for your spine and your posture entirely, and you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for the sake of comfort either. But sacrificing your health and your spine just for the sake of being in vogue doesn’t make much sense at all.

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