Why the Mid-heel is the Best Height for Healthy Feet ...


Why the Mid-heel is the Best Height for Healthy Feet ...
Why the Mid-heel is the Best Height for Healthy Feet ...

High heel shoes are the epitome of class and sophistication for some, and the very pillar of pain and discomfort for others. So what is the half way mark where you can still pull off the well-groomed look, but not have to suffer for it? The mid heel is the high heel shoe alternative for those who still want to hear the clickety-clack of heels on the ground, but who, for various reasons can’t wear them. Here is why mid-heel is the best heel height.

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The Healthy Option

Research has documented proof that the regular wearing of sky-high stilettos is not very good for your spine or your posture at all. Some women may say that they stand straighter when wearing very high heels, and although it may feel like it – your spine is actually just making compensation for the unusual stance.

The kitten heel or the mid heel is much better for your spine and your posture entirely, and you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for the sake of comfort either. But sacrificing your health and your spine just for the sake of being in vogue doesn’t make much sense at all.


Easy Walking

Mid heel shoes are much easier to walk in than high heels – you will feel more comfortable and you will look more comfortable as you walk. There is nothing more awkward than looking as though you are out of your comfort zone and stumbling around all over the place. No matter what look are attempting to achieve, it will come across as clumsy instead.

With a smaller heel, you can still look and feel feminine and feel much more stable on your feet – and when you take your shoes off at the end of the day you won’t get into bed with sore and aching soles and toes.



Many women are not fans of high heels because they are lucky enough to be tall enough already, and by putting on stilettos they will literally tower over everyone else – which makes them feel awkward as well. Unfortunately, very tall women have a much smaller selection of shoes in general as they tend to wear a bigger shoe size. But luckily there is an excellent selection of kitten heel and mid-heel shoes these days that are still elegant and classy enough to compliment the most formal of looks when required.



When it comes to important work functions and other functions when wearing your slip slops or your comfortable Ugg boots just won’t cut it, you don’t want to be uncomfortable as well. So it is perfectly acceptable to finish your look with a pair of kitten heels. Audrey Hepburn who was the epitome of class and timeless elegance was often seen wearing kitten heels and always looked perfectly groomed and well put together.


Why High Heels?

The wearing of high heels is worm almost always for aesthetic reasons – either to make the foot look smaller, finer, daintier, slimmer or more defined, as well as increasing the height for shorter women who don’t like to feel as if they are ‘’looking up’’ to people who are taller than them all the time. Also, many people feel that women that wear high heels are sexier than those that wear flats or shoes like ballet pumps. And there are some beautiful shoe designs out there that do make women feel like a million bucks – but at a price. And it is not always the high cost of the most coveted designer high heels that is the highest price.


The Corporate World

If your job requires you to be standing for long periods of time, or requires you to be on the move rushing from one meeting to another, your feet are going to feel like they are physically killing you by lunch time if you wear high heels. Like a head ache, sore feet can become debilitating during a busy work day – and make you feel tired and drained before the working day is over.

But if you are required to look the part at work, you don’t’ need to suffer for corporate glamour – you can get wear kitten heels instead. There are a number of beautiful and classy designs for kitten heels that are made by medical and podiatry companies – who in the past really earned their reputation for producing the ugliest of the ugly medical shoes for comfort. And who are probably to blame for everybody thinking that comfort immediately translates into being frumpy and downright ugly.



There are inserts, gel pads and all sorts of party shoes, work shoes, and high heeled shoe accessories to ensure that your wearing experience is much less painful than it was before. If you never wear any sort of heel and then wear any other pair of heels and dance the night away at a wedding – not even the kitten heel is going to help to ease your pain. Consider getting some of the feet friendly gel pads and slip them into your shoes as well – your feel will love you for it.

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