7 Wonderfully Clever Tips on How to Buy Shoes Online ...

How To Buy Shoes Online? Should you buy shoes online? How to ensure a perfect fit? These are just a few most important questions every shoe-shopper tends to ask himself (or herself) before checkout and after the initial thrill. Yes, there are many tips and tricks on how to buy shoes online and I’m not just talking about any shoes, I’m talking about shoes that fit you perfectly! So, without further ado, I present you 7 of my favorite, most useful tips on how to buy shoes online and I hope using them will help you save without having to lose the shoe-addiction:

1. TTS

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TTS is short for True To Size which, of course, doesn’t guarantee a perfect fit! You, see in order to learn how to buy shoes online, you’ll have to know everything there is to know about this popular way to determine the right size. You see, when a shoe is true to size, that means it’s a standard fit for a standard foot. Our feet are, unfortunately, anything but standard meaning that a person with a wide foot should take the next half size or a full size up despite the fact that the shoe is true to size. A person with a very narrow foot should size down (if we’re talking about a M width or a D’Orsay cut) or order a standard size (in case the shoe is Italian and therefore very narrow or made of a material that doesn’t stretch).

2. Ask for Insole Measurements

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Measure the insole of your most comfortable shoes (from the heel to the tip of the toe), contact customer support and see if they could do the same with the shoes you’re planning to buy. Most sites won’t do this but give you a bunch of half-factual tips instead but hey, give it a shot. If you’re shopping on eBay definitely ask the seller to measure the insole before you bid - most of them will have no problem doing this and you’ll be able to bid with comfort, knowing that the shoes will fit you! I’ve managed to buy many great shoes using this strategy and, since it’s my favorite tip on how to buy shoes online, I simply had to mention it!

3. Know Your Size

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My Nine West shoes are marked 7 to 7,5 US which translates to European 37,5. The weird part is that my European size is 38,5, sometimes even 39 (Italian shoes even 40)! Now, can you even try to imagine what would happen if I decided to follow my gut while shoe-shopping online! LOL! Once you find a great deal (or a website offering wonderful shoes) save the item in your wish list, go straight to the nearest mall and try the brand in question.

4. “Read” Materials

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When deciding on sizing up, down or purchasing your standard size, you’ll also need to pay attention on the material the shoes are made of. In fact, “reading” materials is one of the crucial skills you must obtain in order to be completely happy with the shoes you’ve bought online or offline. Patent leather won’t stretch too much meaning that you shouldn’t go for a snug fit. Satin stretches quite a bit, suede as well and if you settle for a loose fit, you’ll start losing your shoes like Cinderella. Canvas is sturdy and stretches just perfectly although you must pay attention not to get caught in the rain as this could ruin your beautiful shoes.

5. Don’t Buy Used Shoes

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Pre-loved bags are something you should definitely consider but, unfortunately, the same can’t be said for pre-loved shoes. You see, each pair of shoes stretches according to the foot that’s wearing it which means pre-loved shoes simply won’t feel comfortable on your feet. Each person walks differently, too and if you compare your heel taps with your mom’s/sister’s/BFF’s heel taps you’ll notice that they are even worn out differently. The heel twists and bends a little bit, the leather stretches to fit a foot that’s not yours and voila – the shoe is “personalized” and therefore “not yours”!

6. Check the Returns/Exchanges Section

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What happens if the shoe doesn’t fit? Well, that’s something you’ll need to take into account as well so the next of my tips on how to buy shoes online would be to read the return policy carefully before you rush to the check out! Most sites will send you a replacement give you your money back or return it as the “store credit” you can use for future purchases but the main question is – who’s covering the 2 extra shipping costs? You?

7. Be Careful

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Shopping for designer shoes and even cheaper shoes nobody in the right mind would even think about counterfeiting (such as Vivienne Westwood + Melissa or even Miss Sixty shoes) could turn out to be a very disappointing experience because you won’t only pay big bucks for a fake (yes, even the cheaper brands are being counterfeit nowadays) but, on top of it all, you’ll receive shoes that don’t fit. Counterfeit shoes may look the same at first, but they certainly won’t feel the same or fit the same. So, pay attention to every little detail, compare photos, make your purchases with trusted websites only, use all these wonderful tips on how to buy shoes online I’ve mentioned above and you’ll be enjoying your shopping every time!

Well, if you’ve ever wondered how to buy shoes online, now you know just as much as any experienced shopper! And now, when you know how to buy shoes online, you can start browsing for good deals and fab footwear to rock this fall! I’m curious, though… Which one of these tips do you think will help you the most?

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