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8 Cute Shoes by Born ...

By Jennifer

Let’s face it, girls. We want shoes that are as comfortable as the ones our grandmother wears, only with a lot more style (no offense, Grams). Aside from adding new slip-in orthotics to your platform pumps every two weeks, what can you do to get the comfort without sacrificing your style? I can help! I’ve recently discovered the joy of Born shoes… they’re supremely comfortable and still incredibly cute! Here are 8 cute shoes by Born…

Table of contents:

  1. Born jewell
  2. Born adele
  3. Born stowaway
  4. Born vair
  5. Born kinney
  6. Born toby
  7. Born precious
  8. Born charolette

1 Born Jewell

Price: $140.00 at
Wedges are so on-trend this season, and one look at this pair, and you’ll see why. They’re available in black, tan, or pale blue, all with a 4-inch cork or raffia-wrapped heel, vegan-friendly pleather upper, and a lining designed to pamper your feet, wicking away moisture to keep them dry and padded to provide much-need cushion and support. Can you think of any other wedges in your closet that can do all that, and still look so cute?

2 Born Adele

Price: $85.00 at
These flats are a wardrobe staple, designed to be comfortable, durable, and chic! The little twist at the toe sets them apart from ordinary flats, and the rainbow of rich colors make them easy to wear with almost anything. They come in black, plum, slate grey, copper metallic, tan and red… maybe I should get one of each?

3 Born Stowaway

Price: $110.00 at
These adorable skimmers are made in a range of colors, from soft pink to true black, so there’s bound to be a hue you’ve just got to have this spring. They’re made of vegan-friendly pleather, or authentic soft suede or leather, with a lining that’s designed to conform to your foot, providing comfort and durability. They also come with a cute leopard-print travel case… these may just be my new favorite shoes!

4 Born Vair

Price: $130.00 at
These clogs are so hot! Choose inky black suede or gold-washed metallic leather for a look that can change boring to bold just by slipping them on! They’re made to be incredibly comfortable, as well as stylish, with a lining that wicks away moisture and a shank designed to provide support and stability. I love the peep toe design, too…

5 Born Kinney

Price: $100.00 at
Are these booties, or loafers… or both? Either way, they’re perfect for wearing with jeans, with a soft full-grain leather upper and a lining that wicks away moisture to keep your feet comfy and dry all day long. The heel is a walk-able 1¾ inch, ideal for a workday when you know you’ll be doing a lot of walking or standing, and still want to look great. Choose from black, tan, or darker brown.

6 Born Toby

Price: $95.00 at
I confess: I loved Crocs. The originals, the really gaudy candy-colored ones. And for some reason, these super-stylish clogs reminds me of them… only these are obviously better. They come in a range of colors (I love the metallic zebra print!) and are even more comfortable than Crocs… *ahem* you know, if you’re into that sort of thing…

7 Born Precious

Price: $95.00 at
Precious indeed! These shoes are darling, especially the light blue (as pictured). They’re also available in cream, black, copper metallic, lavender, or coral, but the blue is my fave. They all feature the same curvy skimmer styling, with a sweet rosette at the toe. And, because they’re Born shoes, you know they’ll be as comfortable as they are cute.

8 Born Charolette

Price: $72.00 at
These remind me a lot of the last pair I showed you, only more sophisticated. Instead of a rosette at the toe, they have an appliquéd leaf, and rather than being flats, these have a half-inch kitten heel. They come in more grown-up colors, too, like black, olive, brown, and red… the red is really pretty, ideal for wearing with an LBD… gorgeous!

With so many chic styles, you’ll forget these shoes are actually supposed to be comfortable… until you try them on! These are the first shoes I’ve ever worn that I didn’t want to take off the moment I got home… you have to try them! Which pair do you think is prettiest, and what would you wear them with?

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