8 Cute Shoes by Born ...

Let’s face it, girls. We want shoes that are as comfortable as the ones our grandmother wears, only with a lot more style (no offense, Grams). Aside from adding new slip-in orthotics to your platform pumps every two weeks, what can you do to get the comfort without sacrificing your style? I can help! I’ve recently discovered the joy of Born shoes… they’re supremely comfortable and still incredibly cute! Here are 8 cute shoes by Born…

1. Born Jewell

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Price: $140.00 at zappos.com
Wedges are so on-trend this season, and one look at this pair, and you’ll see why. They’re available in black, tan, or pale blue, all with a 4-inch cork or raffia-wrapped heel, vegan-friendly pleather upper, and a lining designed to pamper your feet, wicking away moisture to keep them dry and padded to provide much-need cushion and support. Can you think of any other wedges in your closet that can do all that, and still look so cute?

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