8 Perfect Shoes in Nude ...

Every modern Cinderella is looking for a pair of those perfect shoes. A pair of shoes she wouldn’t want to lose. A pair of shoes that will not get her a prince charming or a different, better life because she already has all that. This pair will make her feel like she could conquer the earth and dancing in these shoes would feel like flying. No evil stepsisters or chores would ever be able to take this feeling away from her. So, for all of you modern Cinderella, here’s a list of 8 perfect shoes in nude! Why? Because glass slippers are so last year.

1. French Connection Heeled Loafers

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Price: $164.96 at asos.com
Gorgeous retro style like this one definitely deserves to be worn over and over again and, is there a better color for that than nude? I’m willing to bet that my grandma used to have a pair of perfect shoes like this one and… guess what? I’d love to have them too! Don’t look at me funny now…my grandma was a stylish lady.

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