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8 Perfect Shoes in Nude ...

By Jelena

Every modern Cinderella is looking for a pair of those perfect shoes. A pair of shoes she wouldn’t want to lose. A pair of shoes that will not get her a prince charming or a different, better life because she already has all that. This pair will make her feel like she could conquer the earth and dancing in these shoes would feel like flying. No evil stepsisters or chores would ever be able to take this feeling away from her. So, for all of you modern Cinderella, here’s a list of 8 perfect shoes in nude! Why? Because glass slippers are so last year.

1 French Connection Heeled Loafers

French Connection Heeled LoafersPrice: $164.96 at
Gorgeous retro style like this one definitely deserves to be worn over and over again and, is there a better color for that than nude? I’m willing to bet that my grandma used to have a pair of perfect shoes like this one and… guess what? I’d love to have them too! Don’t look at me funny now…my grandma was a stylish lady.

2 Asos Tobago Lace and Silk Shoes

Asos Tobago Lace and Silk ShoesPrice: $80.69 at
Very interesting and elegant – these shoes could be your special pair! Wedding shoes, bridesmaid’s shoes or a pair you would keep in your shoe closet and wear in extra special occasions. I’d totally love to see them in my collection and, since my size is in stock at the moment, my wish might even come true.

3 French Connection Ballet Flats

French Connection Ballet FlatsPrice: $62.76 at
Every girl needs a pair of ballet flats and when a heel lover like me says something like that, you know it has nothing to do with being subjective. These lovely flats, for example, are definitely something that offers both elegance and comfort. Whoa! Who says we have to compromise! I don’t see any compromises here!

4 Asos Hiphop Knot Front Sandals

Asos Hiphop Knot Front SandalsPrice: $80.69 at
Simply gorgeous! These eye-catching knotted sandals will take everybody’s breath away. But, you know what? That’s not very important- the most important thing is that they take your breath away and that you feel like a princess wearing them.

5 Seychelles Matter of Fact Rose Front Wedges

Seychelles Matter of Fact Rose Front WedgesPrice: $161.37 at
Well, if you prefer wedges, here’s a sweet, romantic, perfect pair of shoes in nude – the color that will look gorgeous against your tanned skin! I love them and I hope you do too! Corsage-like front details and these comfy straps will make sure you look like a princess and return home with both of your shoes on, so… dance freely!

6 Sam Edelman Novato Platform Pumps

Sam Edelman Novato Platform PumpsPrice: $251.02 at
Well, if we’re going to talk about perfect shoes in nude, that color that isn’t actually a color at all, we just have to mention these gorgeous platform pumps! Lovely blushed tone and patent finish just makes them too good to be true. And yet, they are very real and although their price isn’t really as sweet as a girl could hope for, they are still more affordable than most others that look like this. So enjoy and keep looking fab!

7 Asos Halo Sandals

Asos Halo SandalsPrice: $80.69 at
Here’s another pair of great heels that will stay put long after the clock strikes midnight. A moderate, barely there platform will make sure you can run too, although there won’t be a need for that. At least I hope. But, in case all guys suddenly wish to be your prince charming, you can definitely hail a taxi and run like the wind.

8 Mango Raffia Bow Ballerina Flats

Mango Raffia Bow Ballerina FlatsPrice: $75.31 at
These gorgeous flats are available in both nude and black but, I’d suggest nude, just for the fun of it. Lovely mustard trim definitely does this model justice so skip black because I’m sure you have at least one pair of black flats. What do you think about them? Yay or nay? I’d say double yay!

Has this list helped you find your perfect shoes in nude, or nude is simply not the color for you? I have started to develop a taste for this color, that is, if it can be considered a color so, yup, my perfect shoes are definitely on this list. Picking just one is very hard, though.

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