9 Designer Shoes That Are Hot This Season ...

Designer Shoes...the words every women snaps to attention when she hears! Seriously, how many of you own a pair of designer footwear? How many of you would love to own a pair? I don't own any, but I would LOVE to! Designer shoes just scream sexy and rich, don't they? Not that we can afford designer footwear every single time we go shoe shopping, but once in a while isn't a bad thing. And it never hurts to look, right? There's a few pairs of sexy designer shoes I've been lusting after and i'd love to share them with you. I think you will be drooling as much as I am! This is a great list of** 9 designer shoes that are hot this season**, so go ahead! Enjoy this list! I hope you find a pair that you love!

1. Jimmy Choo Private Patent Leather Sandals

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Price: $950.00 at net-a-porter.com

Who can refuse Jimmy Choo shoes? Nude shoes are REALLY big right now, so grab these while they're hot! Nude shoes play a huge part in lengthening your legs, plus they are very classy and versatile. And these 5 inch heels will get you noticed from every eye in the room! You can pair these designer shoes with everything from body-con minis to floaty summer dresses so don't pass up the opportunity to have a shoe this versatile in your closet!

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