9 Cute Flip-Flops ...

Isn’t this the perfect time to start taking about beachwear? Cute flip-flops, cute swimsuits, cute beach totes… a girl just has to look good while getting her suntan and, by that I don’t mean make-up, elaborate hairstyles or any of those OMG things I’ve seen girls doing. There are better, easier and more comfortable ways to look great this summer so let’s start from top… or better yet, from the bottom! And here are 8 wonderful, totally cute flip-flops for extra comfort, extra sweetness and extra glam:

1. Lacoste Suzy BC Woven Flip-Flops

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Price: $38.78 at asos.com
Soft, sweet and comfy- these cute flip-flops are available in two colors and that means that even girls who don’t like pink can enjoy this fun, totally girly style. Black and white is what I’d choose for myself, although I must agree pink and white are totally cool too.

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