7 Creative DIY Sneaker Tutorials ...


7 Creative DIY Sneaker Tutorials ...
7 Creative DIY Sneaker Tutorials ...

If you’re tired of slipping on the same old canvas kicks, these DIY sneaker tutorials will unleash your creative side. From glitter to wing adornments and everything in between, I’ve found 7 easy footwear tutorials that’ll take your shoe closet from drab to fab. Comfy has never been so stylish! So if you love high fashion and creating your own unique look, give these DIY sneakers a whirl!

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DIY Glittery Sneakers

This DIY sneaker tutorial will help you pack on the glitter and glam. Rock your sparkling sneakers with a black party dress for a pain free holiday look.


DIY Leopard Sneakers

After spotting this fierce leopard sneaker tutorial, I couldn’t resist breaking out the paint. The result? A meow-worthy pair that’ll add flair to my skinny jeans.


DIY Studded Canvas Sneakers

For a badass way to update your plain black canvas shoes, check out this DIY studded sneaker tutorial. I’m planning to rock my studs with a leather skirt and silk Peter Pan collared blouse.


DIY Galaxy Shoes


Calling all earthlings! If you’re looking for an out-of-this-world design (without dropping an astronomical amount of cash), this DIY shoe tutorial will do the trick.


DIY Union Jack Sneakers

If you’re dying to chat with your BFF’s British cousin, use this DIY sneaker tutorial to spark some conversation. Maybe you could even talk him into a little arts and crafts project.


DIY Ombre Sneakers

The ombre trend is easy to pull off when you’re wearing it on your toes. I’d pair these with everything from sweats to denim for a casual movie night look.


DIY Wing Shoes

Take your sneakers to new heights with this DIY shoe tutorial. You don’t need to be an angel to wear these well.

These are 7 of my favorite DIY sneaker tutorials. Which ones will you try, crafty gals? Do you have any of your own personal faves to add? Share your tips on DIY sneakers in the comments below!

Top Image Source: honestlywtf.com

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