7 Elegant Bridal and Evening Shoes from Stuart Weitzman ...

Like Christian Louboutinโ€™s signature red sole, shoes from Stuart Weitzman are known for their unusual materials, including wallpaper and even 24-karat gold! Celebrities spotted in a pair of Stuart Weitzmanโ€™s are Kourtney Kardashian, Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Lively, Emma Stone, Jennifer Garner, and Rita Ora. Shoes from Stuart Weitzman donโ€™t come cheap. Expect to pay over $400 a pair, and even up to the high hundreds.

1. Boodle

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This gorgeous pair of shoes from Stuart Weitzman comes in gold as featured, plus black and beige. Not entirely detectable from this image, but the bow is beautifully constructed. The heel is 3 ยฝ inches. The shoes are so special, that I would consider getting them first, and then building my evening look around them.

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