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You may not have seen or heard of shoes by Milly J, but after seeing her wonderful creations here, you’’ll be wondering why. Milly J is a British shoe designer (and now sculpture artist) who makes the most incredible creations for feet. Her range includes ready to wear, haute couture and custom/made to order. Shoes by Milly J have been described as "Art to Walk In" and "Walking Art" and here's why:

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Dali There are many inspirations for the shoes by Milly J. High Heels are her forté but she works in all shoe styles. This pair is an homage to the surrealist painter Salvadore Dali. You can't really see from this angle but the front is embellished by Dali's signature mustache.
Couture collection - Price on request


Licorice Allsorts

Licorice Allsorts A riot of color that is unmistakably a tableau of one of Britain’s favorite candies. The candies are modeled by hand in clay. I still love them and my favorite has always been the pinwheel that I would unravel before eating. Anyway I digress…
Couture collection - Price on request


Social Media

Social Media Milly J’s shoes tackle all subjects including everything that’s on trend. Want to declare your love for social media? You need these white wedges. Milly J can make these with your own Twitter name!
Price at time of writing £246.00.


Tap Shoe

Tap Shoe Not what you were expecting huh? Recognize all the stylings of an art deco bathroom? Fabulous. I know Milly J shoes are wearable art, but I have to ask, where does the plug go when you’re wearing them? (Oh! I just learned that’s a sculpture not a pair to wear – that makes sense.)
Sculpture collection - Price on request



Tiffany’s Not all of Milly J’s shoes are stacked heels. Here’s a charming low wedge in the signature Tiffany’s color. I could totally see Audrey Hepburn in these. What you can't see in the picture is the front embellishment is a little plaque that can be customized with a photograph of your own choosing.
Price at time of writing £217.00


Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party British (former glamour) model Jodie Marsh owns a pair of these. She appeared on a breakfast TV magazine program wearing them and brought some great publicity to custom shoes by Milly J.
Couture collection - Price on asking.


The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden This marvelous pair was inspired by the much beloved children’s story written by Frances Hodgson Burnett. They come complete with lifelike woodland mushrooms.
Couture collection - Price on asking.


Diets Always Start Tomorrow

Diets Always Start Tomorrow Now there’s a sentiment we call relate to. The shoes are covered in those yummy things we know we shouldn't be indulging in and they have the look of piles of cotton candy, fondant icing and buttercream.
Price at time of writing £241.00



Citrus These were the first shoes designed by Milly J I ever saw. She actually wore them for her edition of the UK version of The Voice and they got more attention than her singing during the judges’ comments. There were pictures of her shoes (not her body or beautiful face) in the newspapers the next day.
Couture collection - Price on asking.


Birds Nest

Birds Nest This is another pair of Milly J shoes custom made for model Jodie Marsh - she's obviously a big fan.
Custom made - Priced to order.



Photograph With a front rosette made from furled photograph film these are very unusual but eye catching and also stylish. They aren't so outlandish that an average Jane could find an occasion to wear them.
Couture collection - Price on request.



Musician With the music score print and the guitar and microphone embellishments, the theme is undeniably obvious.
Couture collection - Price on asking.


Glass Slipper

Glass Slipper Yes Cinderella you shall go to the ball. If you're ready to go out and find your very own Prince Charming these are what you should be wearing.
Couture collection - Price on request.


In the Army

In the Army Now that's what you call a pair of combat boots. I really can just see the look on people's faces when they realize you've got little soldiers crawling up your heels. So very clever.
Couture collection - price on asking


Bibi Bride

Bibi Bride Some of the bridal shoes by Milly J are too outrageous
for most brides. If you want something stunningly creative, (practically) unique and beautiful, try the Bibi. The delicate lace and soft beading are sure to go with most bridal gowns.
Price at time of writing £215.00


The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries The gorgeous blood red roses soften the darkly Gothic feeling to these feathered wing adorned heels.
Couture collection - price on asking.


Peony Princess

Peony Princess This is one of the newest additions to the Milly J Limited Edition collection. It really is reminiscent of a garden burgeoning with cabbage-sized peonies! Plus there's real lavender included too.
Price at time of writing £258.00


Duck Boots

Duck Boots As cute as can be. Not available to buy as they are now exhibits in the Northampton Shoe Museum (in my home town.)


Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea This is the haute couture version of Top It Off. More fondant, more buttercream swirls, more cherries and more heel than the limited edition version.
Couture collection - price on request.


Milly's First Flop

Milly's First Flop So love the name but flop it isn't. Totally wearable, you'll be a candy girl extraordinaire when you slip, slop, slap in these.
Price at time of writing - £135.00


Man in the Mirror

Man in the Mirror An homage to the late, great Michael Jackson.
Couture collection - price on asking


Edwardian Bridal

Edwardian Bridal A peacock feather, silk braiding and sumptuous shimmering gold take us back to days of yore.
Couture collection - price on request.


Shoe Envy Boots

Shoe Envy Boots Snug, fashionable and warm for chilly days, Shoe Envy Boots will have all your friends green with jealousy. The fur lined cuffs will keep you all toasty and you’ll look fondly upon the miniature teddy bears.
Cost at time of writing £234.00.


Rubik’s Cube

Rubik’s Cube Aren't these such crazy fun? It’s a shame the Rubik's Cube isn't detachable because then when you're on a boring date, you'd have something to do ^_^
Couture collection - price on request


Love Boots

Love Boots What happens when a designer gets their hands on a pair of Doc Martens? You get a pair of Milly J Love Boots. Hand painted and finished with crystals, they're tied with satin ribbon. They also come in white - perfect for a wedding! I'm looking at you Lyndsie Robinson.
Price at time of writing £220.00.


Pop Art

Pop Art When you look closely there's so much detail here: Clapperboards which can be customized to your own text; stripy platform; tons of popcorn (inedible of course); kitsch bows; and all topped off with a 50's pin-up.
Price at time of writing £360.00.


Down the Caff

Down the Caff (Caff is a shortened/slang word for café in the UK.) How precious are these? I just adore the way she has made room at the table for the tiny Louis Vuitton handbag and doesn't that all day breakfast look scrummy.
Price at time of writing £250.00.


Top It off

Top It off I love Milly J's own description of these shoes. She says they are perfect for "cougars who love popping the cherries of innocent men." With their creamy cupcakeness and animal print, I don't think you need to be a cougar. Pussy cats can wear them too.
Price at time of writing £176.00


Autism Awareness

Autism Awareness This beautifully colorful pair of shoes by Milly J was designed specifically for the autism charity Blossom for Children.
Price at time of writing £160.00


Nautical Naughties

Nautical Naughties Encrusted with real shells and sand, you'll be the belle of the beach in these gorgeous flip flops. And isn't that seagull adorable?
Price at time of writing £135.00


Check Your Breasts

Check Your Breasts The sculptured bra shoe which features a pair of breasts in a lacy bra was designed for a breast cancer charity campaign with 20% of sale proceeds going to Breast Cancer Care. Imagine looking down at your feet and seeing two pairs of breasts. How confusing ^_^

What do you think about the Milly J collection? Would you ever pay for a pair of custom designer shoes?

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These will look great on exhibit at the museum. Not on my feet - or any rational, self respecting woman. Sorry, Milly J.

aaaaaaaa I AM speechless!!!!!

WTF was that!!!!

Wastage of money.

stupidest shoes I ever saw !!especially the twitter shoe , their all fugly accept the licorice shoe

I would never wear any of these lol but interesting post

Worst shoes I have ever seen. Totally not interested.

number 23 was the best but i would not even go there!!!

This is a joke right??

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