How to Master the Art of Wearing Heels for Girls Who Can't Get the Hang of It ...


How to Master the Art of Wearing Heels for Girls Who Can't Get the Hang of It ...
How to Master the Art of Wearing Heels for Girls Who Can't Get the Hang of It ...

Even if you have an ongoing struggle with heels, it's important to keep practising as this is a sure way for it to become easier! Experimenting with things like heel height and different styles is a great way to get yourself familiar with how it all works 😉 😊 here are 7 helpful tips on how you can get started 😄 ✌️ 👠

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Walk with Small Steps

footwear, black, white, shoe, high heeled footwear, One of the most important tips of pulling off heels is to take small steps! Even though I wear heels quite a lot these days, I still take small steps when it's a pair that is particularly high or hard to walk in - it really helps, trust me! Small steps is key to looking more natural as you walk and it will also feel more comfortable than taking big, giant strides!


Walk in a Straight Line

footwear, clothing, leg, undergarment, lingerie, It's okay to pretend you're a model walking down the catwalk in order to perfect your walk in heels! Imagine a straight line in front of you and try to focus on putting one foot directly in front of the other so that your feet are aligned every time you take a step. This tip also really helped me when I was learning!


Practise Makes Perfect

high heeled footwear, footwear, leg, shoe, toe, Before I felt comfortable wearing heels out I would often practise walking around in them at home. This doesn't mean that you have to constantly walk up and down the hallway trying to get your walk perfect (although you can if you want!) - you can sit down, watch TV, do a few jobs and basically do whatever you would normally do at home. This trick will allow you to get comfortable wearing heels sitting down, standing up and walking around!


Try Different Heel Heights

footwear, high heeled footwear, leg, beauty, shoe, Another great way to learn how to wear heels is to wear ones with different heel heights. This will help you to be able to walk in a variety of heels as opposed to only being able to walk in one sort. This tip makes things like shoe shopping way more fun, since you can actually try heels on - regardless of their height - and you'll already have a head start on how to walk in them!


Don't Wear Heels Too Often

footwear, high heeled footwear, shoe, leg, arm, As you might know already, there is some talk about heels damaging your feet due to the fact that your feet are constantly being elevated in an unnatural way, so this is something you might want to be aware of as you wear heels. Remember to give your feet a break by wearing shoes like flats or other comfortable shoes that don't have a heel.

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Don't Run before You Can Walk

footwear, high heeled footwear, yellow, shoe, leg, If you're used to wearing sneakers or any flat shoes, don't rush out to buy a super high heel or something like a stiletto! Start with shoes that have a small, easy heel that will be kind to you as you get the hang of it. Kitten heels are particularly helpful for anyone just starting out or anyone who doesn't feel comfortable starting with super high heels right from the get go.


Choose the Right Size

clothing, leg, human positions, footwear, thigh, And lastly, it's super important to wear the right size heels! Even if sizing is particularly difficult for you, opt for the next size up / one size larger as you'll be able to add a special lining into the shoe to make it a more comfortable fit. However if you buy a size too small, there is nothing you can do to make it fit you better and there's also nothing you can buy or add to the shoes to make it a comfortable fit for your feet!

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