Secrets to Wearing High Heels Every Day without Killing Your Feet ...


Secrets to Wearing High Heels Every Day without Killing Your Feet ...
Secrets to Wearing High Heels Every Day without Killing Your Feet ...

High heels may be just the thing for making your outfit stylish and sexy, but let's face it - they can be hell to wear, and you won't feel sexy with blisters! With careful preparation, though, you can wear your heels without causing any harm to your feet. So here's how to wear high heels without damaging your feet …

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Alternate with Flats or Lower Heels

It's not healthy for your feet to wear heels all the time, so mix up the heel height of your shoes. If you always wear higher heels, your Achilles tendons get stiff and your calf muscles shorten. Alternate your higher heels with flats or lower heels. You can still enjoy your high heels, but you should avoid making them your principal shoes (wear flats when heading to and from work).


Invest in a Well-Made Pair

Shoes are the one thing you should never economise on. A cheap garment can be made to look better by styling or altering it to fit, but cheap shoes can't be improved. It's worth investing in one well-made pair instead of several cheap pairs. Choose shoes that you can get a lot of use from, rather than just a fashion pair.


Use Inserts or Cushions

There are also lots of handy little tools that will help make your high heels more comfortable, such as gel inserts and cushions. They're a worthwhile investment if you want to wear your shoes for longer periods or need to be on your feet a lot. They will prevent your shoes from rubbing and making your feet sore.


Choose a Thicker Heel

Stiletto heels are sexy, but they can also be very unstable and wobbly! Choose a thicker heel so that you have greater stability; you'll be less likely to hurt your ankles with a more solid heel. Four inches is really high enough, so don't go for massive platforms and six-inch heels.


Buy Shoes That Fit

If you find a beautiful pair of shoes that you love, you may be tempted to buy them even if the fit isn't quite right. Don't buy them though! Leave them on the shelf and look for a pair that does fit properly. If you buy size 5 because they don't have size 6, you're guaranteeing pain and discomfort every time you wear them!


Buy Your Shoes in Store, Not Online

Buying shoes online may be convenient, but you can only really be sure that you're buying the right fit if you try them on first. So make the effort to get to stores when you want to buy your heels. It'll save you having to return shoes or ending up with pairs that you never wear.


Wear Your Heels before a Special Event

If you're buying heels for a special event, always wear them before to 'break them in'. You really don't want to wear them for the first time on the night itself! By wearing them beforehand, you give the shoes the chance to stretch and mould to the shape of your feet.

You don't need to suffer to wear high heels, as long as you take some sensible precautions and choose the right shoes. Living in heels will cause you problems, so switch between heels and flats. What's the most you'd spend on a pair of shoes?

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Definitely needed this article. Heels worn improperly are painful!

Great tips

Some fantastic tips, thank you, particularly #4 and #5.

All 3 pairs are lovely in picture.

The most I'd spend.....$40

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