You Need These Sneakers in Your Closet ...

By Vladlena

You Need These Sneakers in Your Closet ...

Personally, when it comes to footwear I am all about comfort, which is why I prefer wearing sneakers on a daily basis. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that I choose to sacrifice the aesthetics! Thankfully, there are pairs of sneakers on the market that are both cozy and fashionable. And here are just a few of them!

Table of contents:

  1. adidas white and black superstars
  2. white all star converse
  3. flyknit roshe run
  4. black nike free run 5.0
  5. vans slip ons
  6. champion originals keds
  7. nike air force

1 Adidas White and Black Superstars

Adidas White and Black Superstars Currently, Adidas Superstars are all the rage! They are so in that you'll see young fashionistas sporting them everywhere and we understand why. They look perfect on the feet, the white makes your sun kissed skin stand out and the black stripes add more dimension to the shoes.

Price: $80

2 White All Star Converse

White All Star Converse This is a classic pair of shoes that goes along with almost anything during any time of the year. It's an essential in the closet for matching casual pieces and dressing down more extravagant clothing. Plus these converse are really affordable!

Price: $50

3 FlyKnit Roshe Run

FlyKnit Roshe Run Roshe sneakers have been really in recently, they look good and they are really light on the feet. But the FlyKnit Roshes specifically are the ones that caught my eye. The knit texture just makes them that much more special and the solid grey color sometimes appears as a shade of blue!

Price: $120

4 Black Nike Free Run 5.0

Black Nike Free Run 5.0 Nike Free Runs have been my all time favorite sneakers for a while now. They are great for jogging and just plain walking when running errands. They are light on the feet and extremely comfortable, it's like you are walking on clouds!

Price: $100

5 Vans Slip Ons

Vans Slip Ons The best thing about slips ons is the fact that you can literally just slip them on! No shoelaces and no zippers needed! Plus they are so easy to match with that wearing them is almost effortless. It's definitely a staple piece that you won't regret investing in because you'll find yourself wearing them again and again.

Price: $60

6 Champion Originals Keds

Champion Originals Keds If you are not a fan of chunky sneakers that look big on your feet, I'd recommend trying out Keds. They are so miniature that they almost don't add any weight to your feet and their feminine design makes your feet look really petite. And look at the price, it's almost a steal!

Price: $45

7 Nike Air Force

Nike Air Force Nike Air Force has soft springy cushioning and massive midsole that will add to your height and elongate your legs. And isn't that what every woman wants? Plus they can easily add a little edge to your outfit, the only problem is keeping them clean!

Price: $95

Remember, every woman needs a pair of comfortable sneakers! Did any of these pairs catch your eye?

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