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21 Pairs of Loafers You'll Love to Walk around Town in ...

By Eliza

Loafers are trending in a big way. For good reason too, because they are comfortable and versatile enough to wear with many different kinds of outfits. Loafers are professional enough for work, but casual enough for days off as well. If you're looking to expand your shoe wardrobe, a pair of loafers is the perfect choice. Check these out and you'll see just what I mean.

1 You Can't Go Wrong with Animal Print

You Can't Go Wrong with Animal
These would look fabulous with a pair of black slacks for work.

2 Tassels Are Always Great

Tassels Are Always
Every girl needs a pair of basic black loafers in her closet.

3 Something Flirty and Fun

Something Flirty and
Aren't these adorable? What would you wear them with?

4 Super Sophisticated

These are perfect for when you want to look glamorous and polished.

5 Try These for a Splurge

Try These for a
They aren't cheap, but they are well made and super fabulous!

6 Check out This Color

Check out This

7 Comfy and Stylish

Comfy and
Not only is the color gorgeous, but these loafers are trendy and comfy to wear too.

8 Embellished Cap Toe

Embellished Cap
Get a load of that fancy toe!

9 It's All in the Details

It's All in the
These have lots of great detail and they're perfect with pants and skirts.

10 Almost like Slippers

Almost like
Talk about cozy! These are perfect for winter.

11 You Can't Go Wrong with White

You Can't Go Wrong with
White goes with everything, which makes these loafers just about as perfect as it gets.

Winnie how can I get it...

12 For when You Want to Shine

For when You Want to
Every girl wants to shine now and then and these loafers let you do just that.

13 With a Cute Bow

With a Cute
These are just right for wearing to work, don't you think?

14 Go with Something Unique

Go with Something
What do you think of these panda bear loafers?

15 Something Blue

You really need some blue loafers, right? I know I do!

16 Basic Black

Basic Black$20.00
You can't go wrong with a pair of basic black loafers.

17 Something Neutral

These neutral tan loafers will match so many of your outfits. Perfect!

18 Get a Load of This Color

Get a Load of This
What would you wear this color with?

19 A Little Bit Rock and Roll

A Little Bit Rock and
Show off your rock and roll edge with these great loafers. Love them!

20 Try a Floral Print

Try a Floral
This fun floral print will add personality to any outfit.

21 Something Shiny is Always Fun

Something Shiny is Always
You'll definitely be turning heads when you wear these marvelous silver loafers.

Which pair are you dying to have?

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