You Don't Have to Wear Heels if You're Short ...


You Don't Have to Wear Heels if You're Short ...
You Don't Have to Wear Heels if You're Short ...

I can’t tell you how many friends that I have that are considered short, so to compensate they wear heels almost everywhere they go. That always makes me sad, because they don’t know the comfort of wearing flats! Although I love the way I look in heels as much as the next girl, I love being able to move around with ease a lot more! If you’re a short girl who’s sick of wearing heels, here are the reasons you should give your feet a break! Believe me, you’ll notice a difference in your comfort, confidence, and mobility, and your feet will seriously thank you!

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It’s More Comfortable

How much more comfortable is wearing tennis shoes over wearing heels? There’s no getting around it that wearing flat shoes is instantly more comfortable than wearing heels. When your feet aren’t contorted into any weird ways, you won’t feel like your feet are dying!


You Can Feel Just as Powerful in Flats

A lot of women say that they just feel more powerful in flats, but that doesn’t need to be the case. Just because heels make you feel taller and powerful doesn’t mean that you need the height to feel powerful. Just walk in like you own the room and you’ll feel just as powerful!


You’ll Never Have to Walk Barefoot down the Street

Is there anything grosser than having to walk barefoot down the street when your feet are in so much agony that you just cannot possibly walk one more step in your heels? If you wear flats instead of heels, you’ll never have to meet that awful fate again.


Your Feet Will Thank You

My mom broke her foot from wearing heels so often, and that’s actually something that happens to a lot of women. Fortunately, it’s not something that happens nearly as often when you wear flat shoes instead of heels. If you want to keep your feet in tiptop health and condition, go for flats instead of heels!


You’ll Be in a Better Mood

You probably spend most of your life on your feet and walking around, so if you’re constantly in pain in heels, it’s probably affecting your overall mood. If you wear flats, you’ll always be so much happier because you won’t be in pain anymore!


Nothing Can Slow You down

Everything just takes more time when you’re wearing heels. Getting places takes more time, and you’re just much less productive. If you’re wearing flats, you’ll instantly notice just how much more productive you are and just how much more you can get done!


Flats Are Just as Cute

There are a lot of cute shoes out there! Just because they don’t have a heel doesn’t mean that they’re not as cute! So, once and for all, throw your heels in the back of your closet and grab a pair of your cutest flats instead!

Do you trade your flats for heels from time to time? If you have traded your heels for flats, why did you decide to do so? If you haven’t traded them for flats yet, why haven’t you just yet? Which type of shoes do you prefer to wear? I definitely prefer flats, but I think I’m starting to get into a heels phase!

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I feel taller when I'm in heels but I feel comfortable when I'm wearing flat shoes.


Oops! I meant as much as I love heels! 😂

I there there is a mistake in the first line of point number 2?

Was much as I love an sexy pair of heels I adore flats too ❤️

Flats are my favorite by far! And I'm only 5 foot tall :)

I love heels I really do but they make me so grouchy when I wear them too long

I usec to wear flats in high school but ditched them when I graduated I like heels better

I am very short but I wear flats mostly. I don't like when people makes me realize that I am short but wearing flats makes me more confident.

Yep why fack snd suffer just couse others opinion at least I wont.

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