Style 101 What Your Shoe Preference Says about You ...


Style 101  What Your Shoe Preference Says about You ...
Style 101  What Your Shoe Preference Says about You ...

Just like our fashion style, our shoes can reveal quite a lot about ourselves! What's your favourite shoe style and does it describe you at all?

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Flats You love to feel feminine and girly in comfortable flats. Generally you like to keep out of the spotlight and not be the centre of attention, preferring a more subtle approach where you can feel comfortable and relaxed!


Kitten Heels

Kitten Heels You like to keep your fashion style quite simple and subtle, opting for low heels to finish off any amazing outfit. You like to keep the focus on the rest of your outfit without all the attention being on your shoes!



Stilettoes You love be the centre of attention and thrive to be in the spotlight! Nothing makes you feel more confident than when all eyes are on you and you're making a great impression on others. You like to make a statement with your fashion by opting for extremely high heels.


Platform Heel

Platform Heel You love to wear platform shoes which have a chunky heel, making it the statement piece of any outfit! This is a great choice that will give you both height and comfort, as the platform part makes it so much easier to walk in than super elevated heels!



Sports Nothing makes you happier than getting active and improving your fitness! You love being outside and are very much an outdoors kind of person. Sports style shoes are perfect for these kinds of activities and you love not having to worry about a heel breaking while you're doing your thing!



Sandals When it comes to shoe styles and fashion, you prefer choosing comfort above anything else! You love being able to stay cool in airy, strappy shoes and feeling totally comfortable. The great thing about sandals is often the versatility to be able to wear them with so many different outfits!



Jandals Your favourite hangout is at the beach during those hot summer days! Jandals are a great choice because you don't have to worry about getting sneaky sand inside closed shoes and you can let your skin breathe and stay airy when the weather is really hot.



Boots Whether you love suede or leather boots, ankle or calf-length style, it's a definite that you aim to make a statement with your shoe choice! You're not afraid to be bold and daring as well as choosing to take fashion-risks every now and again. You like to stand out from the crowd and be different!

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I adore statement high tops,their both effortlessly chic and stylish but I also love a good pair of sexy platform heels as well goes beautifully with a flimsy sundress or a midi skirt

Definitely boots and flats. Comfort and style

I love these platforms...where can I find them?!

Lol I am all of them..

Pretty obvious

I am definitely a ballet flats kind of girl. 😉 I can never have too many!

Definitely sports shoes for me,I am obsessed with my Micheal Jordan Air's I basically live in them

Flats, platforms and sporty shoes. I wear sport shoes to be comfy, lazy and just in case I need to run away 😋

Cute !

I love skinny high heels, it makes me feel awesome 💃🏼👠

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