7 Perfect First Pair of Heels to Buy for Girls Who Always Wear Flats ...

By Sabrina

Going from flats to heels can be a scary transition. Whether you're feet have never even seen heels, or your only experience was with stilettos at prom and you've been scared away ever since, these shoes are for you! Any one of these is a great way to get started wearing heels.

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1 Nude Kitten

footwear, fashion accessory, shoe, leather, spring, This heel is subtle in every way. In both color and style, this pair of heels isn't going to announce itself like your drunk friend entering a nightclub. It's more like the fashionably late friend at a tea party.

2 Red Pump

high heeled footwear, footwear, leg, shoe, leather, Every girl needs a pair, and it's never too soon to buy yours! Red heels make any outfit pop. It's a classic look that is perfect for going out (or just dancing in front of your mirror). Red looks gorgeous on anything from a kitten heel to a stiletto.

3 Black

high heeled footwear, footwear, shoe, fashion accessory, leather, Black heels are another staple. A medium-height black heel is sophisticated, professional, and work or school friendly. Depending on what you wear them with, these shoes could also be the perfect heel for a date night or GNO.

4 Summer Wedge

footwear, high heeled footwear, fashion accessory, shoe, leg, Wedges are like tricycles of heel world. If you don't think you're ready for those other itty bitty heels, start out with wedges. They are perfect for summer anyway, so you probably need them more than you realize! Pair them with a maxi dress and a margarita and you're good to go.

5 Thick Heel

clothing, footwear, fashion accessory, leg, leather, Somewhere between a stilleto and a wedge lives the thick heel. This look is perfect for transitioning between those two. It's a modern, bold look that always makes a statement.

6 Heeled Sandals

footwear, high heeled footwear, fashion accessory, shoe, leather, If you're not used to having he circulation in your heels cut off, I recommend wearing open toed heels your first time around. Heeled sandals scream summer; they keep your feet cool and comfortable!

7 Just a Lift

footwear, fashion accessory, shoe, sandal, leather, If you just want to add some height to your figure, you don't need a "heel" at all. Shoes like this are comfortable and provide the lift you're looking for without the awkward foot posture heels require.

You look fabulous no matter what footwear you choose! But something about heels gives me a confidence boost whenever I wear them, and I hope you have a similar experience! Which pair of these will be your first?

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Nice, I want sexy, adorable, classy all wrapped in one.


Love #1, #4, #5, #6.

Good on you

...but sometimes i got lucky to find a pair that's stylish and comfy

It looks goo

I always go for comfort....but somwrime

Comfort wise or style wise?


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