7 Cute Socks to Show off in High Heel Shoes ...

Socks for high heel shoes come in all sorts of designs. While the socks and heels look can be divisive, if youโ€™re a fan of this look youโ€™ll know that half of the success lies in choosing the right combination of socks and high heel shoes. Since the look is fairly girly, opt for cute styles of socks that work well with Mary Jane and court shoes. Take a look at a few cute socks for high heel shoes, below.

1. Lilac Lace Trim Socks

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Price: $6.00 at us.topshop.com
When it comes to cute socks for high heel shoes, you canโ€™t go past a pretty frill. Itโ€™s perfect for working a look full of girlish charm. These Topshop socks come in a lovely lilac colour and feature a contrasting lace trim. Theyโ€™d look great worn with neutral pumps.

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