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8 Tips for Wearing in New Shoes ...

By Sophia

Knowing how to wear in new shoes successfully can save you a lot of pain and heartache down the track. I’m sure we’ve all experienced buying a new pair of shoes only for them to be a bit too tight or cut up our feet after the first wear. Usually, shoes take a few wears before you break them in. Take the time to prepare in advance, and take a look at the following tips on how to wear in your new shoes.

1 Practice Makes Perfect

When looking at how to wear in new shoes, one of the biggest things is to actually wear them. Lots. Wear them around the house to really get a feel of what they’re like on. If they’re still painful to walk in, however, it’s probably best to give them a rest altogether.

2 Put a Sock in It

If your new shoes are feeling a bit tight, wear them with a thick pair of socks when breaking them in. This should hopefully stretch them a bit, allowing for a little bit of extra give.

3 Stuff It

If you’re shoes are a tad tight and pinch in certain areas, try stretching them from the inside. When looking at how to wear in new shoes this way, stuff them with some scrunched up balls of newspaper to help stretch them out or invest in a shoe stretcher for a more professional approach.

4 Bend It

Bending the toes of your shoes up and down can help loosen them up. If you’re worried about cracking or lines appearing, just take note that they’ll probably appear eventually once you wear them anyway.

5 Scratch the Soles

Some new shoes can be quite slippery. For tips on how to wear in new shoes, avoid any major disasters by lightly scoring the soles prior to wearing them for a bit of added grip. If you’re worried about ruining the shoes, take them to a professional to be topied instead

6 Apply Leather Conditioner

Some new shoes can be impossibly stiff. This can also lead to rubbing against the skin, causing blisters. Soften up your shoes by applying a leather conditioner or shoe polish to any trouble spots.

7 Take It to a Pro

If you’ve got an expensive pair of shoes, or are just worried you’ll ruin the ones you already have, take them to a shoe repairer for help. They should have the professional know-how to attend to any of your shoe problems.

8 Don’t Rush It

Wearing in shoes is a gradual process. Wear them on and off for a few days before you debut them to help break them in. When it comes to how to wear in new shoes, you don’t want to do too much at once as this can greatly alter the shape of the shoe.

Most of these tips for how to wear in your new shoes work best with leather shoes as they tend to give more easily. But most importantly, choose shoes that fit you well in the first place and buy them well in advance. What are your best tips for how to wear in new shoes?

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