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Shopping for shoes is simultaneously fun and kind of a nightmare. For many women, it's not quite as bad as shopping for swimsuits, but almost. Why? Because finding the right fit is so difficult! Every shoe is different, so you'll often find a shoe you love in the size you think you wear, only too find that it's too large or so small that it scrunches your toes. If you wear half sizes, you know even more pain – and you have my sympathy. It's gotten to the point that I can count on wearing anything between a size 7 and a size 8 and ½. What is that? So if you need some help finding the perfect fit the next time you're shopping for shoes, just make sure you have this checklist at the ready.

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Realize Every Shoe is Different

Realize Every Shoe is Different As I mentioned, when you're shopping for shoes, you have to realize that every shoe is different. Different shoes call for different fits, although many of these tips will serve you well for pumps, sandals, and tennis shoes alike. Just don't go into the shopping experience with preconceived notions about your feet.


Get Measured Often

Get Measured Often You know how you're ideally supposed to measure yourself at least once or twice a year for bras, underwear, and pretty much every other article of clothing? The same is true for your shoes. Get a professional measurement at least twice a year, because your feet can grow and change. After pregnancy for instance, they might get wider, while after weight loss, they might be much smaller. The usual wear and tear of walking, working, and exercising will all have an effect as well, so just keep up with your measurements. Keep in mind, too, that one foot is probably bigger than the other one; always buy for the larger size.


Stand up

Stand up When you're trying on your shoes, stand up! It's imperative that you walk in a new pair of shoes anyway, so you can find out if they feel comfortable before you spend money on them. Because of that, it's also best to stand up when you're discovering your measurements. This centers all of your weight on your feet, which provides a more accurate measurement.


Look at the Arch

Look at the Arch The length of your arch is also important during the measurement process, especially if you're shopping for heels or wedges. This area runs between the ball of the foot and the heel. Ideally, the place where you bend your big toe should line up with the bend in your shoe. Lift up on the tips of your toes to check this; you'll immediately feel if the arch is on point.


Consider the Width

Consider the Width The width is another consideration. Some women need to look for shoes with a W after the size, like 7W or 10W. It just means that your foot is wider, and that is absolutely fine. Do not think it means you have fat feet or anything so silly. It does mean that you'll be limited in terms of narrow shoes, but fortunately most sizes now come in W as well. Going up a half size may help for those shoes or brands that don't offer W sizes.


Make Room

Make Room You know that your shoes need to have room, but do you know how much? Typically, there should be half an inch in the toe of the shoe and an eighth of an inch in the back. You really, really need to pay attention to the toe box, as well. If your toes can't wiggle, you're getting the wrong size.


Comfort, Not Size

Comfort, Not Size And speaking of size, just forget about it! Don't feel like you have to wear a size 7 because that's what you wore in high school, or because you want your feet to look small. Forget about the numbers. Choose what fits well, feels good, and looks great instead.

Shopping for shoes is supposed to be fun, right? Even if you're not a footwear fiend with a massive collection, it's always great when you've got something new to wear. From sneakers and running shoes to high heels and chic flats, these tips should help you find a flawless fit. Do you dread shoe shopping or are you always able to find the right size?

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Try shoes on in the afternoon, after you've wandered around a bit - your feet will be at their largest (especially in the summertime). Also - oh my goodness the impact of pregnancy - can't even begin to get back into my pre-pregnancy shoes!

They are flats but I'd love to know where you can get those! They're absolutely gorgeous!

love it

What are the shoes in #3, are they flats?? I would Love to know. Thanks :)

These do look rather cool

I've always had a difficult time finding shoes that fit properly...I have small, narrow feet, but flat arches, so W are too big, but some regular sizes are too tight. After trial and error, I figured that Mary Jane style heels and the strap around the ankle (in pic #5) styles fit best and look the best on my legs!

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