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Shoes for busy days are necessary for when you are going to be on the go from morning to night. As much as I love them, there are times when I can’t wear high heels. When I am running errands and on my feet a lot, I need a pair of shoes that will let me run around with ease and comfort. For this, I pick a perfect pair of shoes for busy days. If you are looking for a great pair of shoes to keep you comfortable when on the go, perhaps one of these pairs of shoes from Naturalizer will be just what you need.

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Curve These canvas shoes are great for the days when you are doing everything from going to the grocery store to playing with your kids to planting flowers in your garden. You can slip these on in the morning and go all day without ever having to think about changing your shoes. The Curve shoes are a great pair of shoes for busy days. Not only will you be comfortable, but your feet will also look good. The red canvas is bright and cheerful and would look perfect with a pair of boyfriend jeans.


Bromstad Ursela

Bromstad Ursela If you are looking for a comfortable pair of shoes to wear when you are traveling, the Bromstad Ursela shoes are just what you need. These shiny gold shoes are comfortable and stylish. You will be able to slip them off and on with ease as you go through airport security. And you also won’t have any trouble if you have to run to catch your plane. Hopefully, you don’t have to rush around the airport, and you can just walk around comfortably in your shiny shoes.


Bzees Boardwalk

Bzees Boardwalk On the days when you are playing at the park with the kids, these shoes are just what you need. You can play on the playground with ease, and not have to worry about your shoes getting in the way or falling off. Even though these shoes won’t fall off easily, you can slip them off when you want to run through the grass barefoot with the kids. In addition to the color choice pictured, there are also 5 other color options including a light grey and tangerine pair that is just as much fun as the navy and citron color of these shoes.



Client These turquoise canvas shoes are so fabulous. The gold chain detail and little canvas bow at the toe add a special touch to these wonderful on the go shoes. It is great how these shoes can easily slip on for when you are in a hurry, and they are cute enough for you to still look stylish. These shoes would look perfect with a pair of white shorts and a breezy floral tank. Even though you are having a busy day, you will look like you are floating through your day with ease.



Unite If you are looking for shoes that are cute and will keep you comfortable when you have to be on your feet all day, look no further than the Unite shoes. The flowers that adorn the toes of these shoes are so cute - so fun and spring-like. As cute as these shoes look, they are even more comfortable. The have a cushioned insole and a nonslip outsole that will keep you going for hours, which is just what you need when you are having a busy day.


Bzees Limitless

Bzees Limitless Nothing says, “I am a woman on the go,” quite like the Bzees Limitless shoes. These athletic shoes can take you from the gym to the grocery store to the post office. You could even squeeze in an extra workout at the end of the day if you wanted to. The grey and blue colors on the shoes are fantastic. However, if you wanted something plainer, these shoes also come in white or black.


Bromstad Clara

Bromstad Clara The bright floral pattern on these shoes is so cheerful. The purple and orange flowers really pop against the blue canvas fabric. The gold trim also makes these shoes stand out. These are a great pair of shoes that you can wear with jeans and a T-shirt on the days you have to run several errands. Your feet will be comfortable, and the bright pattern will bring a smile to your face when you are waiting in line at the post office.

Having a pair of shoes for your busiest days is important. You need a pair of shoes that will keep you comfortable while you are on the go, and all of these picks will keep your feet pain free. Aside from being comfortable, these shoes also look great, which is always important no matter what kind of shoe you are looking for. Which pair of shoes would you wear when you have a busy day?

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These are hideous for an "everyday" women! They should be more chic, update, and comfortable.

I do quite like the turquoise canvas ones

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