Get the Look Booties for Fall

By Jennifer โ€ข โ€ข

Fall is officially here, so it's time to put away the strappy sandals and break out the cute booties! So we've asked Nancy LeWinter, OneStopPlus.comโ€™s Editorial Director, for her take on how to find just the right bootie for the season. Here's everything you need to know about rocking the bootie trend...

Why is the Trend is so Popular:
There is no more versatile or comfortable shoe than the bootie. has literally hundreds of styles because it looks great with virtually everything! Under pants, the bootie looks like a boot, and with skirts, dresses, or this seasonโ€™s cropped pants, it looks like a very cool shoe and is a great asset to oneโ€™s outfit.

The best styles:
There are three distinct trends for booties, which is probably why they're so popular. You can go a little bit country and do a hiking or just-relaxing bootie, go rock and roll with a โ€˜bikerโ€™ bootie, or go all-out chic with a highโ€“heeled bootie. There is a shoe for every mood.

While brown and black will always dominate, this seasonโ€™s booties are as colorful as fashions on the runway. Red, purple, and blue are the dominant colors, with lots of fringe, laces, and hardware.

The bootie gives support but also freedom of movement. Be smart and go a little wider for maximum comfort. If you wear your booties with socks, go a little bigger. Most important thing in great shoes is that they put a smile on your face, both in style and fit!

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