30 Fierce Shoes You Need to Have in Your Closet ...

By Cassandra

If there's one thing that I love about spring, it's the amount of flirty fashion trends that the season drops at our feet. Literally. If you ask me, you can never go wrong with owning a diverse (yet oh so sexy) collection of shoes. These fierce shoes just scratch the surface of spring fashion finds that you need in your closet.

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1 Killer Heel

Killer Heel Via 20 Trendy Shoe Styles On

2 Sultry Suede

Sultry Suede Via Prête à courir avec vos

3 Sexy Beige

Sexy Beige Via Friday Favorites

4 Hint of Turquoise

Hint of Turquoise Via 20 Trendy Shoe Styles On

5 Classy Ankle Strap

Classy Ankle Strap Via Buy shoes online and high

6 Sassy Patent

Sassy Patent Via The 20 Most Commented and

7 Braided Straps

Braided Straps Via 20 Trendy Shoe Styles On

8 Fierce Bling

Fierce Bling Via Shoes

9 Classic Red Sole

Classic Red Sole Via Christian Louboutin Shoes

10 Electric Blue

Electric Blue Via NEW 2014 FASHION SUPER SEXY

11 Edgy Studs

Edgy Studs Via Buy shoes online and high

12 Clever Charm

Clever Charm Via Padlock Ankle-Strap Pump

13 Flirty Pastels

Flirty Pastels Via Super Sexy High-heeled Korean Impor

14 All Glittered out

All Glittered out Via Venus Trapped in Mars

15 Fabulous Coral


16 Cheeky Heel

Cheeky Heel Via auoff.info

17 Sophisticated Diamond Anklet

Sophisticated Diamond Anklet Via Diamond Anklet Louboutin Heel

18 The Bow

The Bow Via bloglovin.com

19 Suede Bowtie

Suede Bowtie Via Fashion Round Closed Toe Front

20 Cute Polka Dots

Cute Polka Dots Via Spring And Summer Wave Point

21 Dual Tones

Dual Tones Via The Bankrupt Vanity: Forever 21

22 Back to Basics

Back to Basics Via BLACK PUMPS on The Hunt

23 Daring Double Straps

Daring Double Straps Via High With Shallow Mouth Waterproof

24 Cool Patterns

Cool Patterns Via Oh Hello, Shoe of Our

25 Casual Sandals

Casual Sandals Via 10 Best Summer Sandals

26 Leather and Lace

Leather and Lace Via The Harper Lace Boots

27 Sweet Neutrals

Sweet Neutrals Via Seacoast Canvas Sneaker

28 Fun Combat Boots

Fun Combat Boots Via famousfootwear.com

29 Retro Pumps

Retro Pumps Via MyMagicMix

30 Hot Wedges

Hot Wedges Via Madison Wedge (Taupe)

Which pair of sexy shoes would fit perfectly into your own closet? Let us know in the comments below!

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WOWW could you please tell where to get #4? Dreaming about them.

Heel palace

#2 where did you get these ? Super cute

Love the shoes...All of them! 💗💗

When did "stripper shoes," aka platform shoes, make it out of the clubs? I guess I'm out of the shoe loop.

Numbers 11 and 12👌👌

Love these shoes especially the 9th one

I need alllllllllllll of these!!!

Very fabulous, gorgeous, dazzling, nice, cute, stunning , fantastic and beautiful fierce high heels

Shoe heaven

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