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Despite the heat, you don’t want to wear sandals every day in the summer. I love to have a selection of great flat shoes to slip my tootsies into. I haven’t treated my feet to a new pair yet this summer but here are some pairs that have caught my eye.

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When is an Espadrille Not Quite an Espadrille?

When is an Espadrille Not Quite an Espadrille? When it’s a woven leather sandal from Zara. With all the classic styling of an espadrille, it features the standard woven jute bottom but is brought into the realms of a more formal shoe with the ankle strap. At $100 they might seem a bit pricey for a summer shoe, but I think they’re a good investment. It’s a style you can rely on for years.
Price: $99.90


Every Girl Needs a Pair of Black Flats

Every Girl Needs a Pair of Black Flats I think these make a great summer shoe – there’s not too much heel and front and the lack of sides makes them nice and airy to prevent hot feet. They may look rather dainty but it’s a style that will suit loads of different outfits and looks.
Price: $22.80


When it comes to summer shoes, flats are often the go-to style. Not only are they comfortable, but they also come in a variety of colors and styles. One of the most popular flat styles is the black flat. They are a classic and versatile style that can be dressed up or down.

Black flats are perfect for any summer occasion. You can wear them to a casual lunch with friends, a night out, or even to the office. They look great with summer dresses, skirts, shorts, and jeans. Plus, they go with almost any color.

Black flats are also incredibly comfortable. They have a low heel and a lack of sides, which makes them airy and prevents hot feet. They are also lightweight, so you can wear them all day without feeling weighed down.

Another great thing about black flats is that they are affordable. You can find them for as low as $22.80 at stores like Forever 21. They are also easy to maintain and can last for years with proper care.


Florals Are Always Good for the Summer

Florals Are Always Good for the Summer And they’re great when it’s a pair of lovely ballet flats. Aren’t they pretty? Made from canvas, they’re nice and comfy thanks to a stretchy back strap. You’ll that they’re wipe clean.
Price: $25.00


My Passion for Red Runneth over

My Passion for Red Runneth over Red shoes are my guilty pleasure. Well not really guilty – I make no apologies for my love of red shoes. And especially not if they look as good as these. Their name is as cute as they are too. Petit Fours Your Thought not only have that pretty flower on the front but there’s a small gold heart on the heel.
Price: $49.99


Need a Bit of Glam? Bring on the Glitter

Need a Bit of Glam? Bring on the Glitter A hot summer date? A cruise holiday? A beach vacation? One pair of shoes to fit the bill? Oh yes! A pair of glittery silver flats. The textured glitter upper and the metallic strap are everything you need in a dressy but classy summer shoe.
Price: $32.00


Gladiator Gets an Upgrade

Gladiator Gets an Upgrade If you love your gladiator sandals but you need something more formal, these strappy fats are ideal. There’s enough strappy bits to satisfy your romance with Roman footwear, but enough coverage to be called a shoes. Get them while you can ‘cos there are a limited edition.
Price: $60.00


Sizzling Hot Colors for Summer

Sizzling Hot Colors for Summer Round peep toe ballet flats with a cut out side. Nothing different about that I hear you say. But what about that gorgeous coral color. Doesn’t it just go *pop*? Available in black, white and custard yellow too but it simply has to be coral – such a perfect summer shade.
Price: $69.00


Oh Look, They’re Shiny, Very, Very Shiny

Oh Look, They’re Shiny, Very, Very Shiny The D’orsay style is such a good cut for the warmer months. And it’s so flattering. It’s so good to make a statement with your shoes in the summer months and these shiny blue pair will certainly do that.
Price: $35.90


Psst, There’s a Secret in These Shoes

Psst, There’s a Secret in These Shoes Shoes with a special detail always catch the eye. Can you see what it is in this pair of double strapped ballet flats? No? Well, actually, it’s not very visible in the picture but there is actually a zipper running up the centre of the heel. Fab!
Price: $40.00

So which pair have you got your eye on?

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I really don't like the pointed flat shoes either

I love all of these!! They're all fabulous ❤️

Loved all of these except the red one

#2 are gorgeous 👌👌👌

Love flats and my favourites are lanvin flats

Can't stand pointed toed flats

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