8 Tips for Choosing the Best Summer Sandals for You ...


8 Tips for Choosing  the Best Summer Sandals for You ...
8 Tips for Choosing  the Best Summer Sandals for You ...

When Maroon Five sings “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt,” I am convinced they are talking about sandals. Let’s be real, other than sunburn there is nothing more painful than a new pair of sandals. But don’t let that stop you from finding the perfect pair of sandals to show off your super cute pedi and soft feet. Use these tips to find the right summer sandals.

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Pick Your Style

There are so many styles of sandals. You can go for gladiators, thongs, platforms, slides and wedges, to name a few. So what are you looking for? Thongs and slides are great for something casual and classic, but you might want a mule or platform if you are looking for something a little dressier.


What Are Your Comfort Needs?

Are these going out sandals or something you will wear on vacation seeing the sights? We know there is a breaking-in process with any new shoe, but some sandals are more comfortable than others. Take your needs into consideration when picking your perfect summer sandal. If you are doing a lot of walking, choose something for comfort over looks.


Can You Find a Sale?

Where do you like to buy sandals? Are they having a summer sale? Maybe you can find a good deal and get half off your second pair. What’s better than the perfect pair of sandals? Two pairs of perfect summer sandals.


Quality Materials

Make sure your new sandals are made of good quality material and with good workmanship. The worst thing is to be out and have the straps of your sandals fall apart. Knowing you are wearing a quality product will give you a little more peace of mind.


When it comes to summer sandals, quality materials and workmanship are of utmost importance. Poorly made sandals can be uncomfortable and may not last more than one season. Look for sandals made of leather or canvas, as these materials are durable and breathable. Avoid synthetic materials like vinyl and plastic, as they can become hot and sticky in the summer heat. The straps of the sandals should also be strong and sturdy, and the sole should be thick and supportive. Quality sandals should be able to stand up to regular wear and tear, and should last for several seasons.

For extra comfort, look for sandals with cushioning and arch support. Cushioning helps to absorb shocks and reduce fatigue, while arch support helps to keep your feet properly aligned and reduce the risk of injury. Make sure the straps are adjustable, so you can get the perfect fit for your feet. If possible, try on the sandals before you buy them, as this will give you a better idea of how they feel and fit.


Good Fit

I always laugh when I see a girl trying to squeeze her feet into a super cute pair of sandals that just don’t fit. Don’t be afraid to size up if your heel is falling off the back of the sole. If your toes are crammed in the straps, look for a wider fit. Your sandal will do you better justice if it actually fits your foot correctly. If you aren’t sure, ask for assistance.

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Prepare for Blisters

Looks like you have found your sole mate! Now you must prepare for the blisters. Wear your new sandals at home for a night with a thin pair of socks. It will give you an idea of where these new duds are going to rub your feet. Purchase silicone pads or moleskin to place on your sandal strap where it is likely to rub your skin. Your feet will thank you.



I love a bright colored sandal. I see super cute coral and teal sandals at the store all the time. Unfortunately, these aren’t colors that look good on me, so I don’t have any outfits in these colors. Think about some of the key colors in your summer wardrobe. Choose a sandal color that will complement a couple of different outfits so you have something to wear with them.


Get a Pedicure

I mean it! Before you even start sandal shopping, get a good pedicure. Soften up your feet, paint them toes, and freshen up all over. Your feet will love you for it and you will feel better as you try on different sandals.

I hope these tips set you on the right track to finding your perfect summer sandal. Enjoy the warm sandal wearing weather while it lasts and show off those fresh pedicured toes. If this summer’s gonna hurt, then we might as well look cute!

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I agree totally with comfort

I always go for platform sandal,extra boost in height and their almost always cute

Its almost time to shop for fall

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