You Must Have a Pair of These Dazzling Princess-Inspired Shoes ...

By Jennifer

You Must Have a Pair of These Dazzling Princess-Inspired Shoes ...

Ever wonder which shoes your favorite literary princess would wear? Designer Najeeba Hayat did, and she created a line of shoes fit for every last fairy-tale maiden and princess. Want!

1 Booties


2 Lace-Ups


4 Fur-lined

5 Another View

Another View

6 Want!


8 Pink & Silver Heels

9 Ariel-inspired?

10 Sunshine Yellow

11 Sensible Shoes

Sensible Shoes

12 ... or Maybe Ariel Would Wear These?

... or Maybe Ariel Would Wear These?

13 Gorgeous!


14 Little Black Shoes

Little Black Shoes

15 Tall Boots

Tall Boots

17 Princess Jasmine?

18 Side View

Side View

19 Front View

Front View To learn more about the collection, visit

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Yep only like 14..the rest are definitely ugly

Some of these are painfully ugly but I do like 14 seems majority do too

14 is cute but the rest of these are ugly

#14 is Classic

I don't like any. Sorry.


#19 is really cute

I could rock 9,12,13 and 14 depending on the event

14 is the only one I like.

There is nothing to 14 that everybody likes, a piece of strapping and a slice if leather, I guess less is more then?

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