Metallic Shoes That'll Make Everyone Stop and Stare ...


Metallic Shoes That'll Make Everyone Stop and Stare ...
Metallic Shoes That'll Make Everyone Stop and Stare ...

Want to make people stop in their tracks because they're so mesmerized by your look? Then try the metallic trend that is all the rage right now. Step into style with a pair of metallic shoes, and you'll be sure to get some envious looks from other fashionistas.

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Pump It up

Pump It up There's nothing like a fun pair of pumps to get you pumped up about the metallic trend. If you want a pair of shoes that is sexy, sassy, unique and fashionable, snatch up some stylish metallic pumps.


Shine in Wingtips

Shine in Wingtips Don't have a feminine style, but still want to shine? Step out in a pair of metallic wingtips and you'll be brighter than a diamond. But you'll still stay true to your not-so-ladylike style.


Bedazzle in Birkenstocks

Bedazzle in Birkenstocks I personally can't get into the Birkenstock trend. But if you're all about it, try a pair with some shimmer and shine. How fun would it be to wear these in the summer and walk around like a metallic ball of sunshine?


Be Awesome in Ankle Boots

Be Awesome in Ankle Boots Need some fabulous footwear to rock this fall that doesn't look like what everyone else is wearing? Some metallic ankle boots will definitely set you apart. Pair with some ripped denim for a rocker look, or with a maxi dress for something more bohemian.


Look Lovely in Loafers

Look Lovely in Loafers Showcase your menswear style with some shiny loafers. A pair of Bermuda shorts and a button down will make you preppy chic, and the loafers will complete the look with their shimmery awesomeness.


Shimmer in Sneakers

Shimmer in Sneakers Did you know that they make metallic sneakers? Yep! So for all you sporty girls, you can be stylishly shimmery and still show off your tomboy style. Be comfortable AND girlie.


Walk in Wedges

Walk in Wedges Add some height and shimmer to your look with a pair of metallic wedges. Show off those legs in a form-fitting dress, and hold your head high as you walk down the street in some fabulous footwear.

Make a metallic statement with your feet this fall! Whether you're the ultimate girlie girl, or a girl who likes to bring out her inner boy with her style, there is a metallic shoe that is just right for you. Which style is your favorite?

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