Stylish Shoes That Are Big in NYC ...

By Teresa

Stylish Shoes That Are Big in NYC ...

Whether you live in NYC or you just visit often, finding shoes that are both stylish but can survive the miles upon miles of walking that are essential to surviving New York can seem like an impossible task. However, with this helpful list, finding those perfect shoes will no longer be a huge issue in your life!

1 Graphic Print Sneakers

Graphic Print Sneakers Most people wear closed-toe shoes when walking in New York City, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be stylish while doing it. If neutrals and basics aren’t really your thing, go for an outlandish graphic print sneaker instead. The design will make you stand out but your feet will stay protected from the sometimes-gross NYC streets!

2 Sandals with Gorgeous Hardware

Sandals with Gorgeous Hardware If you want to go for a pair of sandals this summer when you’re walking around New York City, make sure that they make a statement. It can be tough to wear sandals when walking around the city, so if you’re going to do it, make sure that it’s worth it. They’d better be the most gorgeous sandals with the most gorgeous hardware!

3 A Good Pair of Wedges

A Good Pair of Wedges It can be more than difficult to wear a pair of heels when you have to walk around New York City. If you’re a huge fan of heels and just can’t imagine letting go of your most prized possessions, go for a wedge instead. They just provide a little bit more stability than a typical pair of heels will, and if you’re a professional at walking in heels, walking in wedges in NYC will be a piece of cake!

4 Boat Shoes

Boat Shoes Whether or not you consider your style to be particularly preppy, boat shoes are great for weekends in New York City. Whether you’re gallivanting around Central Park or out shopping with friends, they’re a comfortable choice but so stylish that you won’t mind wearing them, even if they aren’t usually your style!

5 Sneakers for Your Commute

Sneakers for Your Commute I’m pretty sure that it’s a necessity to own a good pair of sneakers or tennis shoes when you live in New York City, simply for your long commutes. If you work in an office setting, there’s no reason you can’t wear sneakers and change into heels to save your feet from an unnecessary trauma!

6 Any Closed-Toe Shoe

Recently, I was in New York during the spring. If there’s anything that I’ve learned about New York City since then, it’s the value of a good, closed-toe shoe. Don’t get me wrong, I love flip-flops, brought my favorite pair, and wore them exclusively during my trip, but no one really wears flip flops if they can avoid it. Believe me- after the wear and tear I put my feet through, I wish I could’ve avoided it too!

7 A Warm Pair of Boots

I don’t think it’s any secret that it gets extremely cold during winters in New York City. You don’t necessarily need to wear Uggs, but you should definitely find a pair of boots that are just as stylish as they are warm and comfortable. It may take a few hours spent in the shoe store, but it will be worth it when you’re getting compliments on your gorgeous boots!

What shoes do you swear by when you’re in New York City? Let me know in the comments!

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Boat shoes so cute for hanging out by the sea pair with ralph lauren for a complete look :-)

Wedges so pretty and comfy two qualities when I shoe shop this is a great shoe pair with almost any outfit like pretty dresses and jeans :-)

Print shoes are so girly and fun I love it paired with demin :-)

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