7 'Sleeping Beauty' Inspired Shoes ...

If you fall somewhere between girly-girl and full on princess, you’ll swoon over these “Sleeping Beauty” inspired shoes. I scoured the web for 7 of the most stylish pink shoes out there. Whether you’ve fallen hard or are still waiting for your handsome prince, these "Sleeping Beauty" inspired shoes will make you look royally irresistible.

1. MEL by Melissa High-Heeled Sandals

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These notice-me “Sleeping Beauty” inspired shoes are simply enchanting. I’d pick them up now (at $41 on Yoox, the price is pretty unbeatable) and wear them to a springtime picnic. They’d look especially sweet when paired with a white sundress and vintage stud earrings. Plus, you can strut around in them all day, thanks to their comfy wedge heels.

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