7 Beautiful Bow Boots ...

Who could resist a charming pair of bow boots? Whether you favor dresses or skinny jeans, theyโ€™ll add ladylike panache to any ensemble. Here are 7 of my favorite bow-adorned boots for winter. These picks prove that you donโ€™t need to sacrifice your girly girl style to keep your feet warm!

1. Philippa Bow Front Ankle Boots

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If youโ€™re going for bow boots, donโ€™t be afraid to make a major style statement. With these oversized bows on your toes, youโ€™ll be the trendiest gal in town. Priced at $185 on Reiss, youโ€™ll even score a fierce snakeskin print-covered heel to pack on the glam. Pair these with a little black dress so they can really stand out.

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