8 Marvelous Mary Jane Shoes ...

Mary Jane shoes are a marvelous way to add a dose of flair to last yearโ€™s ensembles. The fashion forward ankle straps will keep your feet in place while glitter, bow, and lace adornments will pack on some serious style! With these eight pretty picks, youโ€™ll look (and feel) like a bona fide fashionista. Are you ready to start strutting in one of these pairs of Mary Jane shoes?

1. Outgoing for It Heel

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As far as Mary Jane shoes go, these are fabulously fierce! Unleash your inner wild side with a leopard print and a heel thatโ€™s just right. And itโ€™s vegan friendly to boot. Wear these with skintight black skinny jeans and a silky red halter top for a going out look thatโ€™s sure to stun! Get โ€˜em now on ModCloth for $44.99.

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