7 Adorable Sneaker Wedges ...

By Stephanie

7 Adorable Sneaker Wedges ...

You’ll definitely love sneaker wedges if you love your favorite pair of sneakers and wedges equally as much. With this type of footwear, you can get the comfy, casual look of a sneaker and the chic look of a wedge in one pair of shoes! I must admit that I’m a huge fan of wedges. Boots, sandals, you name it, so when I discovered sneaker wedges, you can only imagine my excitement! Take a peek at my top seven most adorable sneaker wedges and see if any of them suit your footwear needs (they surely suit mine!)...

Table of contents:

  1. lace-up sneaker wedges
  2. fur- trimmed sneaker wedges
  3. metallic sneaker wedges
  4. studded sneaker wedges
  5. bright-colored sneaker wedges
  6. velcro sneaker wedges
  7. print sneaker wedges

1 Lace-up Sneaker Wedges


Get yourself a pair of these adorable sneaker wedges! I’m especially in love with the ones pictured above (except that they have a very high price tag and I’d never pay that much for a pair of shoes!) The idea here is to snatch up a pair that has laces. The laces add to the look of the shoe by emphasizing the sneaker-like quality. I particularly love the purple shade listed here, but any color can do. Perhaps a neutral color, such as black or tan would match more outfits.

2 Fur- Trimmed Sneaker Wedges


If you’re looking for a warmer and more chic sneaker wedge, go for fur-trimmed ones. Unlike traditional wedges, these sneakers give you both the height and casual look you’re on the hunt for! Plus, fur also adds more comfort to the shoe as well!

3 Metallic Sneaker Wedges

Rocking a metallic item can always dress up an outfit. This rule is no exception to sneaker wedges. Dressing up your jeans with a gold or silver sneaker wedge is as good as any other metallic item, like a handbag. Plus, they’ll match almost any outfit!

4 Studded Sneaker Wedges

Studs are all the rage now, especially on sneakers! If you’re following the trend with studs, studded sneaker wedges are a must have! I recommend matching these fashionable sneakers with another studded accessory, like a belt or studded bag. By having multiple studded items in your outfit, you’ll make a bigger statement!

5 Bright-Colored Sneaker Wedges

Similar to studs, bright colors also aid in adding a vivid element to any outfit. You have many colors to pick from, ranging from bright red to neon green. Match this bright color element with another accessory and you’re good to go. It may not even have to be the exact same color, but definitely a complementary color! For example, if you are wearing red shoes, go with an equally as bright pink or orange accessory, like dangling earrings!

6 Velcro Sneaker Wedges

If you’re tired of laces, there is a no-lace option to choose from: Velcro. This trend takes me back to my childhood years when I used to love Velcro straps... I was upset when I had to learn how to tie my shoes! If you’re in a rush in the morning, you don’t have to make time to tie your shoes. Just slip ‘em on, fasten and you’re on your way!

7 Print Sneaker Wedges

Last but not least: printed sneaker wedges! I totally recommend the floral printed sneakers pictured above: I want to purchase them for myself! Apparently print has moved away from blouses and jackets. Printed pants have become a trend and so have printed shoes! You’ll definitely be in-style with these pretty floral wedges! All you gotta do is match your outfit to the colors in the shoe and you have a perfect outfit!

Alright, ladies, I’m really digging this new footwear! I’m ready to buy myself a pair; are you? Would you wear sneaker wedges? Or are you totally against this new trend?

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