7 Adorable Sneaker Wedges ...

You’ll definitely love sneaker wedges if you love your favorite pair of sneakers and wedges equally as much. With this type of footwear, you can get the comfy, casual look of a sneaker and the chic look of a wedge in one pair of shoes! I must admit that I’m a huge fan of wedges. Boots, sandals, you name it, so when I discovered sneaker wedges, you can only imagine my excitement! Take a peek at my top seven most adorable sneaker wedges and see if any of them suit your footwear needs (they surely suit mine!)...

1. Lace-up Sneaker Wedges

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Get yourself a pair of these adorable sneaker wedges! I’m especially in love with the ones pictured above (except that they have a very high price tag and I’d never pay that much for a pair of shoes!) The idea here is to snatch up a pair that has laces. The laces add to the look of the shoe by emphasizing the sneaker-like quality. I particularly love the purple shade listed here, but any color can do. Perhaps a neutral color, such as black or tan would match more outfits.

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